Dennis Orcollo takes on Ching Shun Yang

April 14,  2007 update

Dennis Orcollo succumbs to Ching-Shun Yang 60-42. Congratulations to Ching-Shun. The turning point here, Yang’s break. Dennis couldn’t seem to find his break ever since day 2, although he led 20-19 at the end of day 1. I can’t help but marvel on the non-Filipino this time. Yang’s knowledge of the game is really solid, plus he made shots from out-of-this-world with ease.

Today April 12, 2007

To be held at the Trade Hall of Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Dennis “Robocop” Orcollo takes on Ching-Shun “The Son of Pool” Yang, to prove who the real Money Game King is. As we all know, Dennis is the current Money Game King here in the Philippines, and Ching-Shun holds the same credit in Chinese Taipei. The match, dubbed as “The Richest Game in Asia,” is a race to 60 (9-ball) in a span of 3 days. Winner takes $10,000.00. The match starts 4 p.m. live, tickets priced @ Php 500.00, and telecast is delayed at 7 p.m. over Solar Sports.

Kind of like Efren and Earl Strickland’s “The Color of Money,” only that was a race to 120. Pretty exciting and unique match I have to say; although determining the real Money Game King in an organized tournament does not really prove much in the world of Money Games. Also, they have not faced each other in any kind of game – quite surprising. Both are 28 yrs. old, and posses pure raw talent. I think Dennis has the mental advantage though, dubbed as “Robocop,” he is notorious for showing no mercy on his opponents. Ching-Shun’s game however is also solid. Funny though how in this match, Chin-Shun has the more “loose” stroke – something Filipinos are known for.

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