Corteza, Orcollo advance to semi-finals

April 22, 2007 update (2:43 p.m.)

Lee Van Corteza advances to the finals. In a race to 11, Lee Van won the match 13-11. Yes, that’s right! In this tournament there is this tennis analogy that if it comes down to a hill-hill, winner must have a 2-game advantage; which is what exactly happened in the 21st rack. Dennis was clearing out the table, pocketed the 9 and celebrated. He thought he had won the match and was already shaking Lee Van’s hand. From then on, Corteza won 4 straight racks to win 13-11. Lee Van is currently waiting for the winner of the Wu Chia-Ching vs. Chang Jung-Ling match. 

2007 Guinness 9-ball tour

Lee Van Corteza defeated 2006 World Pool Champion Ronnie Alcano 9-8 to advance to the semis. Dennis Orcollo defeated Fong-Pang Chao 9-5. Dennis and Lee Van will face each other in the semis, tomorrow April 22, which guarantees the Philippines a spot in the finals; and also gives Dennis the chance to avenge his heartbreaking loss against Lee Van in the recelntly held National Pool Championship. In the other side of the draw, 2005 World Pool Champion Wu Chia-Ching is still waiting for the winner of the Jimmy Jusman (Indonesia) vs. Chang Jung-Ling (Taipei) match.

This leg of the tour is being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The matches are televsided over at Star Sports starting at 1 p.m. (Manila). 

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