That new Filinvest exit

South Luzon Expressway 

Actually, it has been there for a while; I first encountered it probably sometime in February, but recent beer-drinking sessions obliged me to dicuss the matter further. I myself missed the exit twice – the first time was of course excusable and the second time, well, let’s just say ten years of going out the same exit on a near daily basis is hard to undo.

Northerners: What the hell is this guy talking about?

The old Filinvest, Alabang exit – the one right after the Alabang bridge has been closed indefinitely. To access Filinvest, there’s a new exit right before the real Alabang exit – the one that leads you under the bridge and into the Metropolis chaos zone. It can be missed easily - which then brings you to the Susana Heights exit just to go back northbound-SLEX and exit Filinvest in the opposite side. Remember, the new exit is before the Alabang bridge and right before the real Alabang exit.

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