I heart Maria Ozawa

First off I would like to thank my college buddies for exposing me to the world of Maria Ozawa. I have not looked back ever since.

Maria Ozawa, also known as Miyabi in Japan, is a half-Japanese, half-French-Canadian porn goddess. Some do not totally agree with her profession but hey, I think there’s no better way for her to entertain us. There are angles of her that are unmistakably Angelica Panganiban (a plus for Angelica fantasizers), but she has a body that needs no Photoshop editing.

Ave Maria

Let me just lead you to some links to get you more acquainted. Her blog, but you won’t be able to understand anything from that, this collection of wallpapers where I stole the picture below from, her Wikipedia page, which is almost always the first and last resort (not for Maria Ozawa I assure you), this Play Asia page where you can buy her videos, and, this blog entry and this blog entry, so I get a trackback to this post. Time to replenish your tissue stock. Enjoy.

Finally, an update – October 5, 2008

For those of you who have been living under a rock, let me just inform you that Maria Ozawa has now “clearly” exposed her private parts in, currently, four video releases from XVN.eu. Maria Ozawa in “Sofa Shakedown,” “Fast Sucking Venus,” “Strip for Me,” and “Paradise Hotel.” Google it, ok?


65 thoughts on “I heart Maria Ozawa”

  1. ganda ng site mo pre! simple lang pero ayos ang content..helpful links 😀

    madami ka ba vids ni ozawa? wala pa ko nakita pirated copy nun..

  2. ayos to ah tama ka nga di na kailngan ng editing kasi lang extra rice ang babaeng yang sarap pagulungin sa icing ng cake tapos dila dilaaan.

  3. hey parekoy…pano ko makuha videos neto>????pls mga bro…tska si leah dizon mga chong ganda rin…pls reply…pls pls pls……….

  4. mga sir, saan ako pwedeng maka-download ng vid ni maria ozawa…..sir thoughts in binary…san k malapait….baka pwede mo ring akong bigyan vids ni maria ozawa?…please…tagal ko ng naghahanap nito ehhh

  5. wahhh.. enge po vid ni maria ozawa.. crush n crush ko xa eh.. try nyo magdownload sa limewire..

  6. Hi – was wondering if you could help me find vids on Maria Ozawa. I’m having a hard time finding videos on her. Thanks in advance.

  7. huhu..im really pity wif her coz doing this for living,if she find me earlier before she become porn myb she can be came my beautiful wife huhu live in rich wif me….so waste……………………………………maria ozawa….

  8. Dear Maria Ozawa

    I want to tell you I like somuch!!!!
    I want to see your face!!!

    But we’er stay far away,you stay Japan and me stay Cambodia if you have opportunity you can came to visit me at Cambodia,(+85512957430)

    Bye bye good luck to you everytime.

  9. hi there guys… i’m just wondering if any of you could send me any vid of Maria Ozawa… please guys… you could send that in my email add verbz_alexzar@yahoo.com thanks guys in advance… and Mark… nice blog…

  10. Wow! lol………panigas titi yan pre…… meron nmn tayong ganyan c angelica panganiban… look a like kaso maputi at makinis yan…. pero sayang xia mga pre.. nag asawa na lng sya ng matino kaysa mag pakana ng mag pakana

  11. Hot damn! Am also a big fan of Maria Ozawa (aka Miyabi). I’ve been collecting her photo sets and videos since last September 2007. There tons of her stuffs out there. It’s just a matter of perseverance and patience.

    I higly recommend these sites if you want your fill of Maria’s stuffs:


    Search her by typing: Maria Ozawa




  12. please give me true address and phone number of miyabi because I want to meet her and I’m in japan now
    so please give to me her profil. Ok, THANKS

  13. bear, kapag naman hindi hot ang tawag diyan, ewan ko na lang. as for me, I really like virgin looking nymphet like miyabi. pucha, magkano kaya ang isang oras nya? I heard she earns $8k a month… so I think i can bed her for $500 a night! Isang month lang ng adsense yan! yohoo!!!

  14. hahaha… maria mhal n mhal kta.. pkasal n tau.. dmi qoh videos n maria.. ksi pgktpos niang gmwa ng video skin, bnbgyan nia aqoh ng kopya… hahahaha… s december n ksal nmin.. haha.. kya wla ng hahadlang.. haha.. mskit man ispin s inyo.. pro un ung totoo.. haha.. psnsya n gnian lng tlga buhay..
    haha.. hnap nlng kau iba.. haha..

  15. This girl is not hot at all but looks vulgar. So watch my message girl. And stop acting like Misa Campo or Leah Dezon. You’re not even near to ’em. So stop behaving and give us real you, give us areal deal not a shit deal.

  16. Thank you for the links but some of them don’t work. Please send me more links where we the fans can view her body (including her genitals)

  17. you know who i am ,i am your well wisher ,nancy or maria ozawa , i realy love you ,i cant said any thing else ,bcoz ,you know very well i cant speak english flouently ,hahahahhh ,be happy ,dont said it ,enjoy your life okk bye

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