The In Person series

So celebrities are always good search phrases right? Yes they are, most especially here in the Philippines where there’s still a little more internet usage maturity needed. So instead of babbling away about the latest gossips or copying other articles and or rephrasing them just to land a potential visit from a celebrity-Googler, I thought of starting a gimmick to be able to use celebrity names in this blog. Yes I have been dropping celebrity names here and there, but they are not actual post titles; except of course for some personal encounters.

The In Person series

The In Person series is a series of blog posts that are about celebrities which I have seen in person. There’s no need for an exchange of words, just me actually seeing them in the flesh. I’ll just report on what I saw, thought, and felt. So, as personal as a blog is, there will be no copyright infringement, plagiarism, and idea theft here, just plain old personal thoughts. Shall we begin?

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