Kelly Misa in person

Kelly Misa is my In Person number one simply because I last saw her 6 hours ago – at the Alabang Town Center, particularly in front of the cinema ticket booths. If you frequent Alabang Town Center, there are more chances of seeing her than bumping in to an old friend. She is probably there as often as Nicole Hernandez. In person, Kelly Misa does not standout in a crowd. She is not that attention-grabbing. I almost always see her in flip-flops, shorts and a shirt, and, always with her boyfriend. However, if and when you spot her, there’s no mistaking why she is one of our top models. Probably around 5’7″, her skin is as smooth as silk, perfect, and her beauty is one where you find her more beautiful the more you see her.

But wait

I remember approaching her in BPI Town Center back when I was desperate for Bembang! interview candidates. I don’t know how but I just somehow mustered some guts to ask her (in front of her bf) if it would be ok to schedule an interview with her. I asked for her manager’s number which she easily gave out even if I didn’t have any proof of my identity. I didn’t feel a hint of taray with the way she responded. So I guess I have to add that she is a approachable and humble (looks smart too) apart from the already established beautiful.

18 thoughts on “Kelly Misa in person”

  1. I dont think Kelly is pretty at all.Shes common looking.Nothing great.Shes only big here in the Philippines because of her connections.

  2. connections, my ass.
    it’s not like she got in it easy man!
    Youd have to hand it to her. her great energy and inner beauty overpowers her looks. That is what makes her “big”..

  3. You don’t think she’s pretty? I strongly recommend for you to take a good look again and again….you must be focusing on something else….lol. Anyway, you are entitled to your own opinion but I have to disagree….:)

  4. for me she’s kinda pretty.. but im jealous of HER! haha LOL
    my boyfriend is a BIGFAN of HER! gawd! *supercrush

  5. kelly is really beautiful in and out.
    being a cousin of her, would really tell who really is kelly misa.
    a great person with a great heart! =]
    fantastically beautiful.

  6. I thnk kelly misa s one of d most beautiful model n our country.. Well, she’s d only filipina model i admire..:-)

  7. Well for me, she is the most spectacular model here in the Philippines because of here good looking personality, and she`s nice too…

  8. she’s the filipina model i admire the most.:) she just exudes this charm and inner beauty. but i must say she’s also very pretty on the outside:) she looks smart too unlike the others.

  9. I find Kelly very pretty, simple, and smart.Whenever I see her hosting in Wowowee, she wears very light make up and always raedy to flash her genuine smile.I am so happy that she is a part of Wowowee now so that I could see her more often.

  10. I like her because she is 100% Pinay. No foreign-sounding name to catch a talent scout’s attention.

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