Who is Ellen Adarna?

February 25, 2009 update

Broke the 400-picture mark late last year. Sorry for the late update.

October 2, 2008 update

Is Ellen back on the cover of UNO Magazine?

September 1, 2008 update

I’ve taken over the duty of hosting the most comprehensive collection of Ellen Adarna photos. Currently, 360 photos. Check it out – Ellen Adarna gallery.

March 21, 2008 update

Ellen Adarna UNO March 2008. Plus, an Ellen Adarna Yahoo! Group.

March 1, 2008 update

Check this out. Finally. Original post below.

One day

My friend, Bulate, led me to a Gagong Rapper video in YouTube and, little did I know that he really meant for me to listen to the song; I took notice of the girl in the video instead. I’ve seen that girl before – Friendster, MySpace, forums, blogs, you-name-it. I just thought she was one of those new celebrities that no longer appealed to our age group. With little left in my schedule, I then proceeded to read all the comments below the video – 8 pages worth.

Philippines’ Queen of MySpace

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, who appeared in the July 2005 and June 2006 covers of Candy Mag, is a model, a chinita beauty sometimes resembling Maxene Magalona, and a self-made internet celebrity. Her online celebrity status started from her obsessive posting of self-portraits taken from camphones, sometimes even with a male partner in a bedroom setting. This led to numerous fake social networking accounts that used her photos, and an army of yet-to-reach-puberty perverts posting obsessive and disturbing messages all over the internet.


Again, I’ll leave you with links to get you more acquainted. First off, an 8-page long thread in TipidPC.com entitled “Post your Favorite Ellen Adarna Pix here.” A video in YouTube for CandyMag, proof of her second cover feature and a rare chance to hear her talk. A self-made video in Photobucket, her plea to disregard fake accounts. 101 search results in YouTube for “Ellen Adarna.” A no-proof-of-authenticity blog in Blogger. A 341 picture collection in a .zip file, imagine that. And, her official sites: http://www.myspace.com/567626, which will lead you to http://www.myspace.com/ellengoadarna, and a no-longer-exists http://ellenmeriamadarna.multiply.com.

Final Thoughts In Binary

She is really, really gorgeous though; especially for chinita lovers. A suiting description would be angelic. But, maybe she’s just really photogenic. I’m not posting her picture here, let’s not fall into that cliche.

564 thoughts on “Who is Ellen Adarna?”

  1. `she: youre just jealous coz ellens a rich kid whos got in a mess coz of that lame ass bea and her fuckng boyfriend miguel osmeña..just because hes the mayors son, doesnt mean he’s the boss

    `iloveellenadarna: theyre just having fun darling..

  2. @ Margarita i dont think the phrase “mr. know it all” should apply to me one bit. I just simply observed that ellen has had 3-4 flings in a course of ONE YEAR. Among them are nasty old rich hags…

    Ellen is pretending to be high class but really low down dirty kinda kinfolk.

    So basically you need to shut the fuck up, and i hope you choke on your own vomit one of these days. *smirk*

  3. Bakit ba ang daming fans nitong si ellen samantalang typical flawless chinita beauty lang naman sya. Palibhasa kasi dito sa atin sa pinas, bihira ka makakita ng maganda araw araw, kaya yan, kandarapa na ellen adarna lang. hayy dios ko po.

  4. @mitch
    bakit nga ba mukang pinoproblema mu kung maraming fans c ellen? eh ano kung maraming humahanga sakanya? anu nman sayo yun? e sakanya humahanga, anung magagawa mo?

    mas nakkapagtaka pa kung sa mga katulad mung intrimitida at inggitera ha2nga ang mga tao, yung tipong magkocomment lang sa isang blog para sbhing hindi dpat hangaan dhil hindi naman kagandahn si ganto kase ganyan..

    araw araw nanonood ng tv ang mga tao, it means everyday rin cla naka2kita ng artista [MAGAGANDA].. my mga Korean pa nga at Mexican, so anung tawag mu s mga yun? hnd ba mga2nda rin ang mga yun?? iba iba kse ang mga taste ng tao, kung hindi mu sya feel, fine.

    pra sakin napakacute ni ellen, kakaiba ganda nya. sa ibang bansa karamihan puro retokada, lalo na sa hongkong bihira ka lang makakakita ng tlagang may itsura pwera n lang kung model o artista.

  5. 3 or 4 flings?? how did you know? are you a stalker?
    sa pagkakaalam co private na sya ngayon.. 🙂
    anyway, we can’t blame her..
    she’s really pretty that’s why maraming nagkakagusto sa kanya.

    its her life.. its better to leave her alone and mind our own right anonymous??

  6. “Haters are confused admirers who can’t understand why everybody likes you..” 🙂
    @mitch, Now i know.

  7. ‘anonymous : so what if she had 3-4 flings? is she the only one who’s tried that? like duh! come to think of it, dumbo. and if she’s just pretending, then wouldn’t have those “high class” friends. why’d she even hang out with that bea if she’s just some low life bitch? duh!

  8. @ margarita

    what a dumbfuck you are. you obviously didn’t get what i said.

    ellen fucks around like a rabbit, PERIOD. now you’re telling ME just coz she hangs out with “Rich People w/ established status” and is herself loaded with money and fame, that she should be considered of “high class?”!! Bitch please!! you need to lay off on the crack! What kind of generalization is that??

    you’re such an imbecile, i don’t think we should even link the word “Class” when it comes to Ellen coz she obviously has NONE.

    high class my ass! She’s one loosey goosey FUCKMEAT that was my point, IDIOT.





  10. ‘anonymous : and you think that freakin bea is some “lil miss good girl”? hell no. i bet that girl and that osmeña guy do fck all the time. and you think osmeña’s the only one who’s fcked her?? omg. if she’s like had a thousand boyfriends before that fat ass , then she’s more of a fuckmeat than ellen is. and do you think osmeña’s the only boyfriend bea had? we dont even know she’s fckin guys behind osmeña’s back. girls get bored you know.

  11. i just know ellen shes one of the boys .. grabeh. cowboy and very down to earth. wala cyang pakialam . thats y a lot of people gets insecure and jealous coz shes have it all.

  12. they own motel business 14 motels and real estates. all over cebu manila and davao and cagayan. plus… they have buildings too kaya mamatay nalang kau sa inggit kasi ang isang motel 2 million ang kita araw araw!!!!

  13. i wish to look your bautiful……face????????????? dream of my life……. your my no.1 fan favorite>>>> koe nga pla>>>> yung video moe>>>>>> yung kanta ng gagong rapper>>>>yung SANA???????? sana makita kita kahit yung mga mata moe nah ikaw ay maSaya >>>>>>l

  14. I know how it feels. I do got posers on the net and I can say it’s very disturbing. It’s not our fault that people steal or pics and pretend to be us. I think that’s not our problem anymore. Why blame us? Don’t we have the rights to upload pics on the net? Don’t we have the rights to do networking and stuffs?

    Do you even know how it feels walking in the mall, people judging you even you’re wearing the simpliest outfit you can come up with? Do you guys even know how to be looked at by people you don’t even know judging you because of your pics. Do you even know how it feels when people walk towards you telling you know them. Telling you that you’re a snob because you don’t acknowledge them when infact, you really don’t know them. Do you even know how it feels when people approaches you claiming that i’m their girlfriend? You don’t know those things. And I know, If I can experience these things, Ellen does!

    I do modeling and stuffs yes. I do post wild pics but it doesn’t mean that I’m like that. Picture is just a picture. It will remain as that. People like us also has the rights to enjoy life and take pictures.

    We are not doing anything to you guys. Ellen is not judging you. I am not judging you. Other people who has a lot of posers don’t judge you. So please, respect us and leave us alone if you can’t say anything nice.

  15. dude youre just jealous eh?! i bet you had the hots for her but you couldnt fucking reach her. lmfao. DAYUMMMMMM!

  16. @that girl

    sorry asshole, EXCESSIVELY PALE filipino-chinese girl are NOT my type, unlike a vast majority of filipino men do (WTF?). I prefer the olive skinned & gorgeous brazilian-japanese women.

    ever heard of bruna ogama? bet you haven’t!!! cause “ALBINO” type girls are what captures your attention. LMFAO.

  17. Princess snell has looks alright, but from where i live she’s not special. Marami kasing mestisa dito, nakakasawa, kaya the men out here prefer someone like bruna ogama, out of the ordinary plus exotic, not another typical half white/ australian/ german etc. like most filipino men would prefer. Trust me cherry, there are plenty of beautiful women out there, dont be stuck with just half-filipinas. 😉

  18. lumabas c ellen sa cool center ng gma nung sabado 01-30-10.. try searching this at youtube– cool girls with ellen adarna — ang ganda nya talaga….

  19. i saw her in tv ..GMA 7, my god ang ganda nia na sana.kaya lang ng nagsalita boom!! talo hahaha..kaboses ni alvin sa chipmunks haha

  20. swerte natin dahil muli natin napanood si ellen, at nadinig pa natin ang boses nya with matching dance pa Yes, sana mag patulog na sya

  21. ellen is getting married this year.. shes pregnant to peterson lim.. ellen is a cebuana.. shes pretty but shes maldita!

  22. @anonymous

    shallow waters run deep boi, margarita, gia, PATRONTEQUiLLA, whyudasd, Living Doll, that girl are right. Amazing how some dumb ass like you write something like that, kng tingin mo sa isang tao ay pokpok pero nde sila ganun bka nman ikaw un

    why don’t you fuck a dog or something


  23. low life individuals also admires low life ones.,.,ellen is obviously trying to pretend wat she will nver be,.,look guys,.,dont blind ur self in such a common beauty,.,or maybe panget lng din kau kea pantasya nlng pra s inyo c ellen,.,panget lng ang hhanga ng gnyan,.,wla n kcng ppatol sknila,.,

  24. @near
    ay bakit maganda ka? kun oo, sing ganda ba o mas mganda ka pa ke ellen? im sure hindi.. kc inseQr ka.
    low life? bkit gano ba kaHIGH ang life mu? hahaha.
    ikaw ang obvious, pupunta ka sa page n to pra manlait lang ng tao? d kya kaw ang low life?
    mapanghusga kang tao. u will never be ellen at walang hahanga sau tulad ng pghanga ng mrami skanya ya dont waste ur time na crain sya dhil mganda tlga sya, common o hindi.

  25. kinsa ba ni cya? ngano na buang mga tao sa iya?who the fuck is this girl that everyone seems to be interested with ? i dont really get it , shes fucking famous all over the internet , yes she looks ok but there are tons or millions of hot chicks out there, why did u guys pick her as subject to be waisting your precious time on, is her skin made of diamond? dudes and dudettes open your eyes and realized your time is being waisted , you still have so many things to do with your lives other than talking about this gurl .. cheeeers everyone, i know after this alot will still continue talking, we cant stop people but we can stop ourselves hope noone gets offensive, well its not up to me but its up to u… ^__^

  26. millionaire23 and who the fuck are you rin?
    ay hindiii.. d ka nakakaoffend promise dude!
    kung d mo nagegets, simple! wag mu rin pag aksayahan ng panahon..

    1st of all, bat ka pba bumibcta dito, helow? obvious naman na pra lang sa mga interesado ke ellen ang page na to. why? interesado kba skanya? curious ka kung anung sinasabi ng mga tao about skanya? HINDE?!
    ay oo nga pla, kse d mo nagegets, kya ka pmunta ka dto pra sabhin yon. OK… 🙂

    and ah huh! shes very famous, ilang beses na naging cover girl and endorser kya shes not just an internet celebrity ok?
    speaking of ok, she’s ok for you pero pra sa mga fans nya, shes beautiful and gorgeous, kanya kanyang reason and taste yan..
    aun, gets mo? kya wag mu na kmi kwestyonin dahil wla rin kaming balak kwestyonin ang mga trip mo. dun kna lang sa pages ng milyong hot chiks mo, im sure cla, kutis dyamante. hihi.

    and dude! we’re not WASTING (not waisting dude!) our “precious” time, hindi nman buong oras namin eh ginugugol nlang namin sa pag admire skanya, HINDI UMIIKOT ANG MUNDO NAMIN SA KANYA, duuuh? wer not crazy, humahanga lang kmi and thats it. supporters nya kmi at andito lang kami pra idefend sya kya wag ka na magtaka kung alert kami, gnun 🙂

  27. good gawd i read somewhere ellen will be hosting and acting for GMA 7, i can’t help but laugh at the fact this talentless twit is only good at cock sucking and now all of a sudden she’s hosting? mmkay

  28. i used to love ellen adarna cuz i find her nice and obviously, she’s really pretty 🙂 i even had a chance to talk to her in social site and i felt priviliged when she replied on my comments. COOL 🙂 but you know people, ellen is JUST ellen, :)) dont feel insecure gahwwd :)) i dont get these people who keep* on talking shit about ellen. :)) craazy judgemental filipinos :))

  29. gah crap this sucks … I don’t get why you guys are so head over heels crazy over this narcisistic girl … I mean i’ve know A LOT OF GIRLS much prettier than her and she did landed as a Bb. Pilipinas contestant and she did landed second place. She is pretty, BRAINY and she doesn’t brag about it unlike this so called Ellen.

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