Who is Ellen Adarna?

February 25, 2009 update

Broke the 400-picture mark late last year. Sorry for the late update.

October 2, 2008 update

Is Ellen back on the cover of UNO Magazine?

September 1, 2008 update

I’ve taken over the duty of hosting the most comprehensive collection of Ellen Adarna photos. Currently, 360 photos. Check it out – Ellen Adarna gallery.

March 21, 2008 update

Ellen Adarna UNO March 2008. Plus, an Ellen Adarna Yahoo! Group.

March 1, 2008 update

Check this out. Finally. Original post below.

One day

My friend, Bulate, led me to a Gagong Rapper video in YouTube and, little did I know that he really meant for me to listen to the song; I took notice of the girl in the video instead. I’ve seen that girl before – Friendster, MySpace, forums, blogs, you-name-it. I just thought she was one of those new celebrities that no longer appealed to our age group. With little left in my schedule, I then proceeded to read all the comments below the video – 8 pages worth.

Philippines’ Queen of MySpace

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, who appeared in the July 2005 and June 2006 covers of Candy Mag, is a model, a chinita beauty sometimes resembling Maxene Magalona, and a self-made internet celebrity. Her online celebrity status started from her obsessive posting of self-portraits taken from camphones, sometimes even with a male partner in a bedroom setting. This led to numerous fake social networking accounts that used her photos, and an army of yet-to-reach-puberty perverts posting obsessive and disturbing messages all over the internet.


Again, I’ll leave you with links to get you more acquainted. First off, an 8-page long thread in TipidPC.com entitled “Post your Favorite Ellen Adarna Pix here.” A video in YouTube for CandyMag, proof of her second cover feature and a rare chance to hear her talk. A self-made video in Photobucket, her plea to disregard fake accounts. 101 search results in YouTube for “Ellen Adarna.” A no-proof-of-authenticity blog in Blogger. A 341 picture collection in a .zip file, imagine that. And, her official sites: http://www.myspace.com/567626, which will lead you to http://www.myspace.com/ellengoadarna, and a no-longer-exists http://ellenmeriamadarna.multiply.com.

Final Thoughts In Binary

She is really, really gorgeous though; especially for chinita lovers. A suiting description would be angelic. But, maybe she’s just really photogenic. I’m not posting her picture here, let’s not fall into that cliche.

564 thoughts on “Who is Ellen Adarna?”

  1. ahaha.. nakakatawa naman mga comment dito… andaming bitter.. isang simpleng punto lang naman eh.. to each his own.. kung gusto ng mga tao si ellen so be it.. bakit ganyan makareact? ahahah..

  2. sayang si Ellen Adarna, may pagka POKPOK pala. madaling bumigay ikanga sa kahit sinong lalaki. Alodia Gosiengfiao pa rin ako. isa lang ang boyfriend kahit maraming nababaliw sa beauty niya.

  3. at kahit super sikat na si Alodia, hindi siya nag-pose sa men’s mag dahil iniisip niya ang magiging epekto sa mga batang fans niya. sa mga hindi nakakaalam, isang napakasikat na cosplayer si Ms. Alodia.

  4. The first time I encountered the photo of Ellen Adarna was in 2004. I just noticed that as years go by there are too many wanabies and pretenders.
    Many years had past and here we are Ellen Adarna’s pics are everywhere.

    She is now the cover of many mags. let me tell you guys that if ever you saw a woman infront of a mag doesn’t mean she is pokpok , hammer girl or whatever you call it. It is just happened that they are flaunting what they have. For the haters and pussy fuck minds grow up ! There are many guys here who are hypocrites who keeps on saying “pokpok girls, paka-girls etc etc” but they love to screw girls and leave them alone.

    Grow up , guys and be a MAN.

  5. my gud… kung kayo ay mas maganda pa kaysa kay ellen… pasikatin nyo nga sarili nyo? e kung kayo ay mas malinis at maganda pa kaysa kanya kahit di kana mag effort… sisikat ka.. pero… buti kapa kilala mo si ellen..ikaw kilala kaba nya? galit ka at kinamumuhi.an mo xa.. eh.. alam ba nya?
    famous people have haters and lovers… and haters makes them pretty much popular …sa mga kampon ni anonymous at iba pa… with conviction pa ang mga comments nyo… at sa ginawa nyong yan… mag iiba ba ang takbo ng buhay nyo? hahaha wala lang… sinusubayan nyo parin ang latest about this ellen… na mas my “life” pa kesa sa inyo…
    🙂 peace out mga panget…( pangget din ako..pero not as bitter as you)

  6. duh? no matter what you do lumalabas na bitter parin kayo…ang ugali nyong panget nagbblend sa mukha nyo….

  7. You guys don’t have the rights to make pakialam to Ellen’s life. If she took a shot with herself with different boys, anong pakialam nyo? Pinapakialam nya kayo? Wanna know why kayo naiinis? It’s simply because you can’t be her or you can’t have her.

    WTF! Don’t tell me na mali ako. Kasi hindi kayo makakarating sa mga forums na hindi naman neccessary at hindi naman sikat kung hindi nyo talaga hinahanapan ng butas at lusot ang isang tao. Pag nakita nyo si Ellen, tell that infront of her hindi ung bumablog kayo ng ganito.


  8. pards… hahhahaha kilala mo ko nito? nakita ko lang yan ellen adarna na yan e… hahhahahahha! nacurious lang… search ako google… nakita ko site mo! hahhahah dating poks2 pala ito? panalo! wapak! hahaha text mo nalng sakin kung tama nga ah!? hahahhahaha may utang kapa inom! hahhaa gegeh!

  9. Nice entertaining thread.Ellen Adarna has indeed led a very fascinating life.If I were an alien,handpick human lifeforms and study their brains to check their memories and know what they are thinking about,Miss Adarna would be high on my list.hats off to everyone who commented on this blog

  10. Dont you think na mas ok si Maria Ellena Adarna nung wala pa siya sa showbiz? Were talking FS Days.Ngayon kasi parang nawala na yung mystery

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