After a hundred posts

Welcome to my 100th post. Yes, although this post’s id is already 152 (due to deleted posts), this by WordPress’ count is post #100. So for this entry, I’ll look at what I have accomplished so far.

My first post is dated October 29, 2006. Today is May 8, 2007, exactly 192 days after. Which means that I only blog at an average of .52 posts per day. Pretty decent for me since I only applied the 1-post-a-day rule last April. I currently have 109 comments, at least there are more comments than posts.

So far, I think I’m doing quite well. Remember, I started this blog to make money, I haven’t added any ads except in the gallery, which is just a little experiment. I’ll monetize soon, when I hit 1,000 daily uniques. Hopefully if things go well, I can do that before May ends. My blog visitors come from search engines mostly, which explains my low feed subscriber count and irregular commenting trend. But, search engine blog traffic, as said by many is good for earnings.

My goal is to write my next 100 posts in less than 100 days. And, by that time I’m hoping that this blog is already taking care of my booze funds.

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