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Recent comments led me to add a Yasmien Kurdi in person post. Wow, Jennylyn and Yasmien in two consecutive articles, it’s like 2003 once again. I saw Yasmien Kurdi in the NOFX concert last April 19, 2007; in fact, I might have already shared my thoughts about Yasmien in that post but, she deservers a solo page. Here’s me and my friends with Yasmien.

As the story goes, we were just waiting for Urbandub to open the night when Yasmien Kurdi, out of nowhere, showed up in the PETA booth. Literally starstruck, me and my friends waited for the perfect photo opp. At first, and I will never cease to insist this, she already had her arm around my waist for the picture pose. Then the PULSE.ph boys took matters in their own hands and decided we were online zine worthy.

Yasmien in person is nothing compared to Yasmien in television. I was personally surprised at how attention-grabbing her aura was. Simple and very nice to look at, very clean looking yet oozing with sex appeal. I think she gained weight though, either or, it suits her better. I think she enjoyed the concert more than we did, we’d often see her amidst the rowdy crowd. Then at one time she was already lying on the floor resting it out. Like I said, she was with Menaya’s vocalist that time and I am not in a position to say if they’re an item or just friends. Here is a picture of Yasmien after sweating it out – with Pinoy Idol contestant slash Menaya vocalist. 

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  1. dude, alam ko ex ng menaya vox (Brian) si yasmien pero matagal na sila wala…hmmm… tska alam ko mahilig talaga manuod ng concerts yang dalawang yan eh…they were seen sa linkin park last 2004 and sa ibang bars din…maybe their just good friends…hehe…sarap nun…

  2. oh my gosh!!! man…you really got me there!! idol ko si ate yasmien at isa lang ang masasabi ko, ang cute pala niya pag nagiging kalog siya…hehe… sometimes iniisip ko kung ano sa personal si ate yas…now i know…i’m very proud of her..

  3. I’m a big fan of Yasmien Kurdi and I am grateful to you for giving us a glimpse of her in the real world… Nakikita ko na siya in person sa mga shows pero di ko pa siya nakita enjoying a concert like that and stuff… And salamat din for all the good words about her… She’s really nice in person and it may sound baduy but i love her!!!

  4. wahhhhhhh
    she’z our princess!

    thanks for lovin yazzie
    we’ve alwayz been proud of her eversince!
    no matter how other people have tried to push her down
    she shines and soars way up because isn’t just multi-talented, posses
    beauty on the outside, she’z got it even from within!

  5. Super pretty talga ni Yassie witj or without the make up

    lakas ng dating

    very nice nga sya may pnagmanahan kasi 😀

  6. your so pretty yas….sna mkta kta in person…tapos kilalann m ako.,.,.,.,.alam mo maganda rin ako ay phtogenic like you hehehehe i love taking pictures din.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

  7. Yeah, I agree with you! Ang lakas nga ng dating ni Yasmien. I saw her in person na. Iba yung ganda nya, extraordinary! maappeal talaga. Though chubby, carry naman nya with her sexy curves. Very humble din despite the fact that she’s really famous now! I love her songs!!

  8. Nah-uh.. Wala pa pong nagiging boyfriend si Yasmien Kurdi. Madalas lang talaga syang malink sa mga band members. She was link before with Jay of Cueshe, Champ of Hale and Dennis of Brownman Revival. Hmm, why is that? Maybe because she has really many friends from different bands – well, she really is very friendly. Mahilig din talaga syang manood ng mga band gigs and aside from that she has 2 cousins who are band members – Yael of Sponge Cola and Yani of Pupil. Close din sya kay Chito of Parokya ni Edgar and Jay of Kamikaze. Oh di ba, ASTIG!

  9. Yes andrew you’re right!!! she is very friendly, she is very friendly in a way that she SLEPT with one or two of the BAND persons that u mentioned including the MENAYA vox. She likes to sleep around with popular rock band vocalists so please stop cleaning her name up, its not dirty after all, we are just people who loves sex and SHE is part of us, its not bad after all…its just SEX…

  10. ah..grabe naman hindi naman ganun si yas k.daring no! in their religion, bawal ang premarital sex. wag ka naman ganun. di m p nga kilala ung tao. anyway, yasmien is my fave too!!! ang dami ko na ngang pics nya eh! love you yas!!!

  11. I agree with you Angie18. I wouldn’t waste my time posting malicious allegations against other people. It’s just so low!

    Anyway, Yasmien will soar higher! I like her a lot!

  12. hi!one of the fan of yasmien kurdi,sana sila na ni jc de vera ang mag ka love team,sawa na kami kay rainer

  13. Elow..i agree with you haina..bagay cla ni JC..Sana maging cla na nga..Goodluck in your career yas..godBLess…Be strong always..huwag kang magpapadala sa mga taong nang.aakusa sayo..dahil no matter what happen we will always support you..loe you yas..ingats..

  14. Ohyeahangeli kilabutan ka naman sa mga sinabi mo! I pity your parents for having a child like you! Anyway I like Yasmien Kurdi and I do believe she’s only enjoying her youth now kaya nakikita siya sa mga concert scenes. But I don’t think she’s going beyond the limits of what a conscientious teen-age girl should do.

  15. Ohyeahangeli kulang ka lang sa paligo. Sipilyo ka na rin kasi namamaho na yang bibig mo sa mga pinagsasasabi mo. Wag mo na iparis si Yas sayo ok..

  16. haaay!…. grabe yasmienholic talaga toh!.. grabeh gow pa yasmien… i luv wat u doin kip it up grabeh galing yan taalaga ang talented. no one does it like the popsweetheart yasmien kurdi,, grabe,, i wish ma mie kita in person, i always waiting for ur mallshow d namn ako makahanap,, sayang!.. pero super galing talga1.. hehehe….

  17. grabe ganda ng album nya sa love is all i need… ang ganda ng cover!.. sayang wala ako autograph tska poster!

  18. Yas is really nice to her friends and fans…
    God bless always to you!
    Hope u will have a movie together with JC…
    nice loveteam!

  19. NO, NO! Yas was a kabit. That vox has a longtime girlfriend. I’ve heard of her sleeping around na rin, but no way to confirm it. I know she was seen being cozy with that Brownman guy.

  20. Yasmien is very pretty indeed! Talented pa! And whatever you say about her, wlang effect! kitang kita sa personality nya that shez nice, may manners pa!
    So that thing you were saying about Yasmien, about sleepin around, THATZ RUBBISH!

  21. i rily rily admire u yasmien..kaw ang isa sa mga motivator ko..
    i rily rily love u!!!
    im here 2 support u always..

  22. to that person there as if he can produce a video!
    be watchful of your words mannn….
    it can bring you to jail or hell

    you wouldnt be able to prove it should the family sue you

    are yasmien detractors that desperate?

    yazzie by the way is now busy pursuing her studies…taking up Foreign Studies 🙂

  23. I used to be a teacher in a school where Yasmien used to go to few years ago. I’ve known her as a very simple, humble and religious girl. She is from a good family. and i don’t think because she’s a big star now, she would do such dirty things like what you’re saying. be careful of your words. you don’t know the person completely. whatever you say, you’re just wasting your time. that can’t ruin her good name and there millions of people who like her so you won’t succeed.well, that’s your opinion..just be careful next time.

  24. Miss na miss ko na si yas and jc na magkasama uli sa movie at teleserye. Sana magkabalikan silang dalawa. Pls. gawan naman ninyo ng movie ang mga idol namin. We miss them so much.

  25. I want to collect all the tv series of yas and jc, the full episode like pasan ko daigdig, pati ba pintig ng puso and babangon ako’t dudurugin kita. I look everywhere but they don’t sell it. How come they have Lupin in dvd but none of the one that I mentioned. Can you pls. put them in dvd so we (the fans) can just watch it over and over again while were waiting for their new projects together. They are both so good in acting. I hope that the producer or director can do something about this. I’ll keep hoping.

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