Bianca King in person

The inspiration for this post can be read at the last paragraph. But first, the report. I have seen Bianca King in person twice. The second time, I saw her in a two-piece. It was in Boracay so she was there for everyone to see. The first time was in Alabang Town Center. I think she frequents that place – or the south in general because I always hear stories of “I saw Bianca King.”

When I engage in Bianca King talk, there’s always one common denominator. She’s malaman. Particularly in her legs; in fact, she has big hips. This for most, and me as well, is a turn-on. In person, she can bring out the stalker in you. I might have stared at her without caution for over a minute. She’s sexual. Or rather, a more appropriate synonym combined with the proper pronunciation would be sekswal. Her look spells out sexy in all languages – borderline naughty.

Guess who I saw with Bianca King?

Confession first. I was not really physically there to witness what I’m about to say but I have no reason to doubt my source whatsoever. In fact, I consider myself as being there “in spirit.” Feel free not to believe, I don’t mind. Champ Lui Pio. Yes, Hale frontman and obsession of many. Starbucks in Madrigal Avenue, in front of Alabang Town Center. May 19, 2007 around 11:00 p.m. and get this, they were trying to bring a dog inside. By the way, here’s my poor attempt at paparraziing Bianca King in Boracay last year. Man, a recent commenter was right, this is a lame-a$s blog.

7 thoughts on “Bianca King in person”

  1. wow! bianca king… kasama si champoy? eh malamang nandun lang yun sa paligid ng AAVA, pero suwerte naman ng kumag na yun…

    bilyar at gitara…. nice! marunong ako magbilyar at maggitara pero konti lang.

  2. Pre, pwede paki-share mo yung sabi mong pic ni Bianca na kinuha mo? Wala na kasi sa posted link mo eh. I really would appreciate it very much. Kindly email it to me lang. Many thnx. 🙂



  3. Salamat, pre. Kahit anong pic, kahit malayo or maliit, basta nandun si Bianca King eh ayos na ayos na sa akin. Hehehe. 🙂

    Syanga pala, gumawa ako ng fan site ni Bianca. Di pa nga lang natapos ang pag-upload ng lahat na materials of the site. Pero 80% buo na ang site. Heto ang link:

    Now, you know why I requested you to repost that Boracay pic of BK. 🙂

    When I have more time and hopefully, I’ll post that pic that you took on the BK fan site.



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