The perpetual fuel consumption list

Also “Gas Mileage” for Philippine automobiles

I just came up with this weird, but useful, idea of compiling a list of Philippine-released cars and their consecutive gas mileages. This list may take long to fill-up but in due time I hope I would have listed a handful of cars and their estimated fuel consumption, with a brief explanation for the source. Let me start with those that we’ve owned.

Toyota Innova

Gasoline version 8.4 kilometers per liter. Based on the Innova’s useful gas consumption meter beside the clock. Averages 10 km/l in the highway and 7 km/l in city driving.

Ford Escape 3.0 V6

7.6 kilometers per liter. 2003 model.

Honda City 1.5

Average 10 kilometers per liter. We have the 2003 model.

Nissan Frontier 3.2 1999 (automatic)

Diesel. Averages 8.0 kilometers per liter. This is my personal driver. Vehicle has been maintained regularly but has been modified heavily. 

Please feel free to comment, add and correct the figues with your own findings as a result of personal experiences, word of mouth or research.

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