Google Supplemental Results victim

For a while now I have been doing fine with this blog, especially in terms of search engine traffic. Then recently I noticed my top-ranking pages were disappearing one-by-one from Google’s index. Desperate to find some justice to my work, I did some research.

What are Supplemental Results?

There are a handful of articles explaining Google Supplemental results like this and this. And more articles that explain how one can get out of it. Simply put, Supplemental Results is Google’s way of ridding excess pages from your site from showing up on search results. If a page is a Supplemental Result, it appears like this. This prevents Google from indexing redundant content, better search results and better search engine traffic for sites – for some.

Thoughts In Binary and Supplemental Results

Unfortunately, Google saw my individual posts as redundant content and indexed the category pages and archive pages instead. And, a search for all Supplemental Results for Thoughts In Binary reveals around 2,000 useless pages.

List all Supplemental Results for your site

By the way, to list all Supplemental Results for your site, simply key-in the following code in Google: *** -view

Desperate Measures

To revive my pages, I simply added a robots.txt file that instructs Google not to index my category pages, my archive pagesa and the individual feeds. I also added the whole gallery folder, with the exceptance of Google Images, with the hopes of re-indexing only the albums in the future. In 12 hours, Googlebot has read my robots.txt, I’m simply waiting for the results to kick-in. I hope it doesn’t take that long.

3 thoughts on “Google Supplemental Results victim”

  1. matt cutts explained before that if you pages got no linkback, Google automatically consider the pages as not so important pages.

    So with this, linking back to your old pages from your new posts resolve the problem.

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