Thoughts In Binary May 2007 statistics


Starting today, on the first of every month, I will give a detailed report of my blog’s traffic statistics. June 1’s report is for the whole of May, July 1’s report for the whole of June and so on. I will be basing the statistics from Awstats; I use Google Analytics also but mostly for experiments. The statistics also includes traffic from my gallery, but these are minimal and are mostly coming from Google Image Search searches, as I have added a Disallow rule for my gallery in my robots.txt file.


I had a total of 12,852 unique visitors for May; 20,408 visits,ร‚ย  49,411 pageviews – at 2.61 GB monthly bandwidth. I averaged 658.32 visits per day with a lifetime record 901 visits on May 8. From May 1 – May 8 I experienced a daily increase of visits starting from 500 up to 901. Unfortunately after that, it dropped and became steady at 600 visits per day. I had a total of 5,595 referrals from Google and only 449 from Yahoo!

Goals and final notes

This is the 7th month of Thoughts In Binary. This is also my first blog that lasted more than a week so I gues thisร‚ย really is my “first” blog. I’m quite happy with the statistics as I am able to raise the traffic every month starting from November 2006. In fact, April – May 2007 saw a 50% increase in traffic. I think I have to learn how to get more Yahoo! referrals but I’m clueless with that. My goal is quite simple though, I just want a monthly increase in statistics with no specific traget percentages. I still have 0 income from this blog; as I have said before I’ll start placing ads on the blog when I get 1,000 daily visits. Then I will also make a monthly report of my earnings.

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  1. Thanks for visiting Mark!

    Nice stats! You should give me some pointers on how you do it.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Will also try awstats, di ko nacheck stats ko eh.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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