Beer and betsin

Monosodium glutamate

I just heard a couple of urban legends and a conspiracy theory. Apparently, Monosodium glutamate, more commonly known as “betsin” can spike up your avegage beer. When mixed with beer, it will get you drunk faster. This technique is used by heartless bartenders who have no means of ending your never-ending blabber other than making you pass out.

Now let me share this conspiracy – which is funny, weird and stupid all at the same time. In this bar-that-I-will-not-name, the manager (a foreigner), who is loathed by all staff members, was hospitalized due to some betsining. The staff members (waitresses, bar tenders) who are sick of his cruelty, allegedly added betsin to his beer on a nightly basis – so that he’d be too drunk to be cruel and just go home early. Sources say that the “issue” is being investigated, then I later found out that this was all part of a bigger conspiracy – that of taking over ownership of the bar-that-I-will-not-name.


I have no supporting evidence whatsoever of how adding monosodium glutamate to beer affects you. Do not try this at home. And, the conspiracy, although really narrated to me with utmost intensity, is nothing but a theory.

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  1. My g/f is a pinay (filipina) and she just told me about them doing this as a prank, and that some people use it as a date rape. So clearly it’s not a conspiracy or an urban legend.

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