Almost washed the dishes

BPI sucks

Lesson learned. Never totally depend on credit cards and atm cards. Last weekend I was in a sort-of-a pickle – I had a Php 1,000 bill and had only Php 200 cash in my wallet. My compadre only had Php 500 (enough for his share), and no credit cards. I had a lot of available credit in my credit card and I had more than enough withrawable cash in my atm. “Sir, declined po.” Impossible. Even though I knew the magnetic stripe on my other credit card was broken, I tried it anyway. “Sir, declined ulit.” Oh, no. Luckily I always withrew from this BPI atm (walking distance) whenever I went to this certain place. “Machine Unavailable.” Next atm was a 2-minute drive away. “Machine Unavailable.” Call 89-100 for help. All BPI atms and credit card lines are undergoing a nationwide maintenance. Normal activity will resume at 8:00 a.m. Holy horny midget, Batman! Lesson learned. Real friends save.

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