Thoughts In Binary June 2007 statistics

As promised, on the first of every month, I will give a detailed report of my blog’s traffic figures. We are now only on the second month. Last month’s traffic was very good. This month, I experienced a decrease; this was mainly due to the very confusing Supplemental Results of Google, less updates on this blog because of my new blog, there were less event forecasts last month, and, I haven’t really been blogging for Google that much – secret entries that are only aimed at getting traffic from search engines.


I had a total of 11, 422 unique visitors for June (12,852 for May). 16, 280 visits, 37,631 pageviews – at 1.84 GB monthly bandwidth. I averaged 542.67 visits per day (almost 100 down from May), with a record of 745 visits on June 5. I had a total of 4,562 referrals from Google, 1,011 from Google Images and 588 from Yahoo! This is the only month that my blog experienced a decrease in visitors. Hopefully I’ll be able to make up for it this month.


I still blog daily. Except now, I spread my blogging time on a number of blogs. I’ll still trying to update this blog daily but I guess I was overwhelmed at first when I launced other blogs. Now my pace is catching up and I may still be able to continue blogging here daily. I’m trying to redefine Thoughts In Binary as well. Soon I’ll make a post that will clear what this blog is all about. There’s still no money being made from this blog, that’s not really the priority. I was successful at getting visitors for the oddest SEO-made entries but I am not getting loyal readers. For now, I’d rather have regular readers that people who only pass by because of the search. Well, that’s the goal at least. We’ll see.

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