The song from Star World

Also, the Star World theme song

The one that goes “Ooo, la-lari-lari” or “Ooh, pa-rari-rari” or “Doom, da-da-di-da-di.” Whichever you choose. Then continues to “Everybody’s gonna love today, love today, love today.”

Most probably, you are here because like me (a couple of days ago), I searched for the title and artist of that song that they play in Star World. They play it every commercial when they plug their shows. Kind of like Black Eyed Peas’ Let’s Get It Started before.

The song is called “Love Today.” It is sung by Mika, a Lebanon-born, London-based singer. The song “Love Today” is Mika’s fourth single from his debut album entitled Life in Cartoon Motion, which was only released last April.

Here’s a bonus. Download Mika’s Love Today.

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  1. hey im looking for the background tune that’s used for the 90210 advertisment…its just beats but i have heard a track like this and cant remember what the name is…anyone knows??

  2. Hi everybody…i need your help here.. Does anyone know the background song for Junior masterchef Australia? it has 2 versions, both are sung by female singer. I like the song (the upbeat one) it goes like..”don’t mean (something)…what about (something)…hey ey eye eyeye..”
    I’m dying to know what song that is…Thankyou heaps!!

  3. I secondary inquire Stardazers inquiry.. Been searching for it for awhile, i found the link though…

    Link :

    The lyrics I could extract were just…

    ” All these tears that I’ve cried don’t mean that I seize your love, back your love …. yeah yeah yeah yeah ”

    Help! I really would like to know the song title! Thanks!

  4. what is the title of the song on the commercial that says ” we live to entertain you etc.” i can remember all the lyrics. but i remember that it is a guy who sing it.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. now i wanna know the music, when they announces the new programs. its just a music with no vocals. like a remix or trance or sumthin.

  6. Yes, i want to know what annonymous asked (up). My 1-year-old daughter really likes it. Please.

  7. Hi, does anyone know the song from the star world ads “Extreme Sunday” that feature other channels like Star movies or NatGeo Wild?

  8. Hi,

    Does anybody know the theme song for the Star World Action Heroes……some kinda rule the world part on the lyrics.. i forgot 🙁


  9. Hey what is the latest song, its something like “…la la la , i have been so happy happy and to day its gonna be a good good day..”
    Please can you tell me the name of the song?

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