Time to monetize

I just checked my statistics, 1,016 visits today for Thoughts In Binary. If you’ve been following my monthly statistics posts (I doubt that), I always mentioned I’ll only place ads in this blog after I break the 1,000 visits per day mark. I had a previous record of 962 visits in July, that was not even good enough (for me) to place ads. I know it sounds weird and it really does not make such a big difference (962 visits as to 1,016) but a promise (to myself) is a promise. And, it works well for my traffic-building discipline.

A small confession first, I’ve been running AdSense in my gallery since April. It was only an experiment, I haven’t really optimized it and I’m just earning close to nothing. Today I added link ad units in the sidebar and banners in single post views. I’m still running the default WordPress theme, I’m not sure how ads will perform under this theme so I might again eat my words and finally change themes – one that is more optimized for displaying ads.

I will give a detailed report on my blog’s monthly earnings, like my monthly statistics. Watch out for my first post on blog earnings on September 2. Blog statistics are reserved for 1st of the month posts and earning on 2nd day of every month.

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