Thoughts In Binary August 2007 statistics

Here is yet another installation of my monthly statistics reporting. I started doing this last June 1, 2007, and I always make it clear that my only goal is to increase my traffic every month – I don’t have any specifics as to how much I want my traffic to increase, I just want it to increase every month. So far I have been successful at increasing my statistics monthly since October 2006, with the exception of the MayJune turnaround. In August, my blog experienced yet again another record setting month (statistics-wise).


I had a total of 19,813 unique visitors in August, a 37% increase from July’s 14,444. I received 27,863 visits and served 56,335 page views at 4.34 GB of bandwidth. I also experienced the most visits in a day since my blog was born – 1,042 visits on August 28. The most page views in August was on August 3 at 3,308 but my lifetime record still stands at 4,620 which happened on July 29. Thoughts In Binary received 11,112 referrals from Google and 913 from Yahoo!


I also started monetizing from this blog last August. I have always said that I will only place ads in this blog when I hit the 1,000 daily visits mark and that’s exactly what happened on August 9. Tomorrow I’ll post a short report on my blog’s income for August; there’s really nothing exciting about it, I am still trying to figure out what will work with this blog. I’ll also add that I have the same monetization goals as with my traffic goals – increase income every month with no specifics to how much. I really did not do much to increase my August traffic. In fact, I might have posted the least number of posts per month in August. I also stopped worrying too much about my search engine rankings. I used to check my rankings daily and take notes on the changes – it’s mind boggling. Now I worry less and yet I still experienced an increase. Might be my blog’s age catching up.

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