Thoughts In Binary August 2007 income

This is the first of my planned monthly income reporting. From here on after, every 2nd of the month, I will give a detailed report of my blog’s income from the previous month. It will come after my blog’s statistics report, so you will have an idea of how traffic and income relates to each other. When I started this blog I said my goal was to earn from blogging. 3 more personal blogs and a near-dead blog network after, I’ve come to accept this blog more as a personal extension of my private life and weird thoughts. I am still an internet marketer by profession though, so you might still learn a thing or two from me from these posts. Like my traffic goal, my income goal is simple – increase income every month. It does not matter if I increase my income every month by a dollar, as long as I increase it monthly, I’m happy.


Like I’ve said before, I will only start to place ads on this blog after I reach 1,000 daily visits. Luckily, that happened last August 9. Since then, I’ve only used Google AdSense and Amazon’s affiliate program. I earned a measly grand total of $20.51 from Google AdSense and $0.62 from Amazon. That’s a grand total of $21.13 for August. My, oh my, I’m on my way to becoming a dot com mogul.


For September I’m confident that my income will increase mainly because there are more days (monetization) in September – I only placed ads on the 9th of August. So ah, my work is done. Okay, let’s add a little more excitement here, after all, my blog’s traffic is 1/6th of John Chow’s so in theory I should be earning around $3,000 of John Chow’s $17,828.61. Now how to get that done will be the mystery of my blogging career. I will try to add as many monetization mediums to this blog but it’s already not looking good. This blog has already been unaccepted in TLA and Har, har.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts In Binary August 2007 income”

  1. Elizar: don’t be sorry for, man. sa simula pa lang, vindicated na si mark. 😉

    minsan talaga may mga tangang tao lalong lalo na yung mga may power. konti lang naman ang kaalaman sa nangyari, kung makapagsalita, akala mo siguradong sigurado na sa sinasabi. puro publicity nalang. palibhasa, kasangga nila ang media.

    isa pa itong mga media people. sobrang O.A. magkwento. lahat gagawin para sa ratings.

    bottom line, walang mali sa kung morality ang issue, hindi na control ni mark yun.

    hehe ‘sensya na, medyo nakakainis lang kasi eh. 😆

    salamat kay legarda for solidifying mark verzo’s stature as an internet celebrity.

  2. bottom line 2:
    wag na magtiwala sa mga pulitikong papogi at paganda lang
    wag ring magtiwala sa mainstream media gaya ng tv at dyaryo. puro kalokohan lang makukuha mo.

  3. sana naiintindihan nila sinasabi nila…they don’t even know what’s going on…so what..what’s teh big deal with talaga, babae ako pero hindi ako o.a. para isiping women is being humilated in any of the porn site…

  4. kumusta pre?

    astig marked verzo projects. patulong sana ako magdisseminate ng online survey. please email me if you’re up to it.
    ps – kumusta na sila pulgar & tomas?

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