And now PayPal Philippines

Receive payments via PayPal in the Philippines

Oooh, this is a breakthrough week for Philippine Internet indeed. First, the Western Union option for Google AdSense publishers, and now PayPal! For the longest time now, Filipino users were barred from using the ever-so-important e-commerce tool PayPal. Bloggers were ecstatic when PayPal added the Philippines in their list of supported countries some 11 months ago – but back then we only had the ability to send money and not receive payments. Now it is confirmed. PayPal registrations coming from the Philippines (I.P. address) have the option of receiving payments, and withdrawing by, (1) transferring the money from PayPal to a U.S. bank account and (2) withdraw to a credit, debit or prepaid card.

Wait, we still cannot transfer the money to a local bank or receive a check from PayPal. But that’s a start. First heard from Mike Abundo. Now I have to sort out first which Ad Networks pay via PayPal before I splurge on some e-bay shopping.

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