Thoughts In Binary September 2007 statistics

Here are my blog’s statistics for the month of September, 2007. Notice that I just did my August 2007 reporting seven posts ago. Well, obviously, a lot of things happened last September and I was only able to update my blog seven times. It is however interesting to see that this low post count affected my blog’s traffic by an acceptable amount. I do this statistics reporting every month and my goal is to increase traffic monthly with no specifics on how much. I have increased my traffic monthly by a substantial amount since June.


Last September I experienced a slight decrease in the total number of unique visitors. I had 19,455 unique visitors – 358 visitors shy of August’s record-breaking 19,813. But, I received a total of 28,769 visits – only 27,863 in August. My blog served 67,067 page views at 7.60 GB of bandwidth. And, I also set a new daily record of 1,295 visits (1,042 previous) on September 20, while my daily visitors average increased to 958.97. I received 7,278 referrals from Google and 1,259 from Yahoo!


This month only my monthly total unique visitors and my Google referrals dropped. Honestly, I am very happy with this month’s results granted that I was only able to post 7 times last September – this explains the Google drop. And, I only lost 358 unique visitors – which means repeat visitors are increasing. In addition to that, some of my blog’s posts are seasonal. Some of the traffic-generating posts expired. I think to top last month’s traffic I should be able to capitalize on another about-to-happen big event, which is by far my biggest worry since I can’t really dictate what’s in store for us this month which is related to my blog’s content. Tomorrow, my income report for Thoughts In Binary ; I’ll be the first to say, it’s boring.

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