A new project. Here’s what’s cooking – my first purely technology site – surprised it’s not adult? Digital Media is the name of the game. Portable media players such as the iPod (yes, I know there is already a Pinoy iPod community, 2 actually), but we’re not focusing on the iPod (I don’t even have an iPod). The forum will focus on portable media players primarily, and will also discuss set-ups of such – using portables for home entertainment, car entertainment, hardware needed, and discussions on file formats, ripping, music, video and more.

The inspiration came from my quest for headphones, and a portable player. I went around a lot of non-local forums for portables, headphones, audio, and wanted to harness the same energy that drives their members in a local (Philippine) setting. There might be that much interest in digital media, locally, to spark up a community.

The site

The inspiration for the domain came from the #mpinoy3 IRC channel of old. I’m not sure if it’s still online. It was a channel that offered downloads of music and video files, operated of course by Pinoys. It was one of my more frequented IRC channels and this site is sort of a tribute to that.

I chose XMB (Extreme Message Board) Forum as the engine of the site. There’s just something with it’s super simple layout that enticed me. Plus, it’s known to have the lowest CPU load usage. I just modified the colors a little bit. I hope it works well.

The site is purely forum-type. There are no up-front blogs, news portion, gallery, none of that stuff. I have no time to create and edit new content. Forums only need moderation, and the occasional software upgrade and database fixes.


I’ll be using paid advertising to boost the popularity of the site. I’ll allocate a monthly budget for it and see if it picks up. I already have a couple of blogs (technology) lined-up where I’ll purchase either text links or banners. I know there are a lot of good local tech blogs so I have to figure out and experiment which ones are the most cost-effective.

A call

If you are interested in digital media, please give the forum a visit. I can’t start my advertising campaign unless there’s a significant amount of activity in the forum. I’m also looking for possible moderators. If you are interested, drop me a line. Also, if it’s not too much, I’ll appreciate any form of advertising/exposure that you can give the site for free. Maybe post something about it in your own blog/site or by word of mouth. Thank you.

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