Helloween 2007

Down with Amoeba

Halloween 2007 long-weekend started out great. We had the usual “Ayala Alabang” trick or treating in the afternoon, then on to dinner (at our house) for the adults – because the kids are usually fed up with candy dinner time, then the usual inuman session with cousins after dinner. We were set to spend the weekend in Pansol, Laguna; I was booked (and excited) as well – set to go home (from Pansol) early Saturday morning for the opening of the 2007 World Pool Championship, and display my ride in Eastwood on Sunday for Team Cramps.

But, early Saturday morning I started experiencing abdominal pain – it kind of felt like cramps and was re-occurring at around 1-minute intervals. I was crapping and puking all over the place. The pain kept getting worse until it was unbearable. I knew it wouldn’t just “go away.” Had to get to a doctor. In Laguna, that would be their “rural” hospital. I have some Amoeba in my stomach (intestinal tract?). They gave me something to make the pain stop and something to rehydrate me. Oh, by the way, they gave me Tramadol – that thing you get in spam emails. Cool.

Went home that afternoon and stayed at home. Gatorade, water, fruits, crackers – that’s my diet. Earlier today I had my first taste of real food – some really bland steamed fish. I’m really, really hungry. I miss my bacon, I miss fried stuff. This is my excuse for not blogging in over a week.

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  1. hindi nmn talga ako as in na alanganin parang natuluyan na gagin yun hehehehehe??????????????? add nio ako sa friendster ko para makita nio ako kung cnu at ano ako tlga add nio nlng ako haha??????? erica_cute56@yahoo.com

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