Roberto Gomez

Superman takes 2nd place in 2007 World Pool Championship

Congratulations anyway, compañero. Well, we almost had another Filipino world champion in our hands, but the pressure of performing in front of a home crowd in Araneta Coliseum was a little too much for Roberto “Superman” Gomez. He took home second place, losing 17-15 to Daryl Peach of England. Gomez had everything going for him in the knockout stages, utilizing a “soft break,” ala Ronnie Alcano last year. In the finals, the tables were switched (literally), and the “soft break,” which is table dependent, was out of the equation. The match was close and tense from start to end. When the score turned 15 all, Roberto, realizing how close he was to attaining his dream, succumbed to pressure and missed a couple of balls. Daryl Peach strung two straight racks for the title.

Gomez will be back for sure. He’s a forced to be reckoned with and he has definitely already made a name for himself in the billiards world map. He is still quite young also at only 29 years of age. Rumor has it that his VISA has been denied a couple of times which barres him from participating in U.S. tournaments. Good luck to Roberto in his future matches. Superman’s not dead. Here‘s the only decent picture I have of him.

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