Thoughts In Binary October 2007 statistics

Better late than never. Here’s my blog’s statistics for the month of October. I do this monthly on the first of every month but unfortunately, November didn’t really start ideally. Last September, my blog experienced it’s second only ever monthly decrease in statistics. This month, I’m happy to say that my blog is back on track – increase traffic every month, and I’ve also surpassed the last record which was on August.


September saw a whopping 29,587 absolute unique visitors. Almost 10,000 more than my record-breaking August 2007 statistics. I also nearly doubled my number of visits at 46,721. My blog server 107,247 page views at 14.89 GB of bandwidth. Average daily visits ended at 1,507.13 per day. 6,727 referrals came from Google, a whopping 7,017 from Google Images (wow, never really thought how keyword-rich my gallery is) and 1,746 from Yahoo!


To tell you the truth, I used some (wasted) resources to produce these numbers last month. My original goal (on posting statistics) was to see how much I can manually increase my blog traffic without utilizing my network’s resources. I did a little experiment last October and this is what I’ve come up with. I can easily double these stats if I abuse my resources even more; but, that wouldn’t help in my journey to understand blogging and search engines. I have less time experimenting nowadays, so I couldn’t possibly keep up with increasing my traffic (quality) monthly. Maybe I won’t do this next month.

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