Thoughts In Binary October 2007 income

Better late than never part two. I do monthly income reporting for this blog on the second of every month, so this is for October – which was supposed to have been posted last November 2. The goal – to increase income for Thoughts In Binary every month. So far, $21.13 last August, and $35.54 last September.


I have been bragging about adding more income streams for this blog, optimizing my layout for ads, etc. So far, last month, still found no time to do such things. Last October I earned $37.89 from Google AdSense, $13.99 from Amazon Associates, and $2.25 from Text Link Ads. Grand total = $54.13.


Ideally, I should be earning around $150, given an ideal but attainable CPM from my blog’s statistics. I’m still using the default WordPress template which is not really optimized for ads. Still can’t find the time to look for, or code, a new template, but I do what I want on this personal playground. But hey, did you know that some paid-daily-to-blog people get as low as Php 3,000 a month? I got around Php 2,200 for 15 posts last October. Not bad, maybe.

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