Gayuma wins 2007 Red Horse Muziklaban

Gayuma, the band

The grand finals was held yesterday at the Marikina Sports Complex. Ok, I wasn’t there, and I don’t know anything about the band. But before you go, let me say that this blog has been successful in attracting attention and noise for the soon-to-be-known – just look at what we’ve done to Ellen Adarna. In fact, I did this post for the sole purpose of gathering information about the band. I’m curious as to where Red Horse Muziklaban’s direction as a mainstay “career-maker” goes.

So far, these are what I think holds true for the band and the event. Gayuma hails from Batangas. Gayuma is female-fronted (not sure). Mental Floss (band) was favored to win. The grand prize is Php 900,000 (mutherfunker!). Winners had text-votes influence. Another finalist named “Dog Fight” represented Butuan City, Mindanao. Fans did not like this year’s venue. No one died of stampede this year.

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November 29, 2007

Apologies. Gayuma is not female-fronted. See band line-up from the comment by anonymous. Still haven’t heard their music. Can someone please lead me to possible samples online?

16 thoughts on “Gayuma wins 2007 Red Horse Muziklaban”

  1. gayuma is not female fronted…

    ni̱o Рvocals
    jmar – guitars
    bong – drums
    jv – bass
    glenn – guitars

    those wer the originals before philip came in percussions

  2. just check them out 2morow sa nu rock awards..
    22g2g cla don..7 pm..
    also watch them nxt month sa myx bandarito..

    GAYUMA rocks!!!

  3. who is sherwin? what has he got to do with this?
    people here should talk about topics concerning “GAYUMA”
    not to backstub anyone…

    to the administrator…
    messages like this should not be posted here…

    “hulaan you me!! Says:

    November 29th, 2007 at 6:29 pm
    panu n c sherwin?????
    piz awt tol!!!
    congratz to the band”

    please take care of this person…
    and delete such messages…
    you have his email thank you and good day…

  4. ei guys, GAYUMA was the champion in last year’s RAVE Battle of the Bands (held in our school, FAITH Tanauan, Batangas…)

    glenn, their cute guitarist is my schoolmate and I am the living proof that their so galing!!!

    CONGRATS guys!!!

  5. grbeng astig tlaga ang

    mga BATANGEñO




    bait bait pa ng bandang i2!!

    astig tlga

    keep on rocking mga utoY


  6. mga tol yung alak natin wag mawawala sa exena…….


  7. sa mga bumabatikos sa gayuma…mga pre pasensya na nakatsamba lang mga tropa namin,kahit sino band gusto maranasan to…basta kami dito sa batangas pinagmamalaki namin ang GAYUMA at lahat ng mga banda dito lalo na dito sa TANAUAN CITY…..walang ayaw rock n roll lang…mas madami tropa mas masaya yun ang gusto namin…

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