Missing AdBrite checks

November 24, 2007 update

I’ve been contacted by AdBrite support. Apparently, they came across this blog post as well. Yes, they do reply, just not as fast others but they won’t leave your queries unanswered. They are investigating if the check has been cashed. Just waiting now for they will eventually figure out.

Fingers crossed

Holy matrimony, Batman, I don’t want to go through this whole thing once again. I’m now two months late. Thing is, I don’t quite remember if AdBrite checks come in via registered mail. Unfortunately, there is no other payment option in AdBrite. They do, however, come in like clockwork on the the second week of every month. I have already written to AdBrite support (they’re not the best), and still waiting if the checks have been cashed somewhere. Wait, my CPX Interactive check is also about a month and a half late. Crap, crap, crap! Please, oh please. This led me to thinking – if I had a corporate bank account, and checks are payable to said company name, would it be harder for a check thief to encash it?

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