Mrs. V’s Homemade Goodies

December, 2015 update—8 years! Jesus!

A guy named Mike—and old customer from Alabang, apparently—sent me an email asking about macaroons. Good thing I still use the same email address. Thanks, Mike!

Yes, we still do macaroons (and stuff, and stuff)!

Updated Mrs. V’s contact numbers:

  • (02) 4755124
  • (0917) 5831239

Old post (2007) below:

One for the holidays

Man, can you believe it is already December? I remember last Christmas like it was yesterday. Anyway, here’s a marketing experiment. My mom, Mrs. V (figure it out), cooks a lot of stuff. Baked goodies suitable for gifts, complete meal sets for catering events and parties, and anything edible. When she started it was a simple side-business thing and now it has consumed most of her daily schedule. December, like most other businesses, is her month.

Her top-sellers include macaroons, oh and by the way, her’s is the exact same thing being sold in all Seattle’s Best Coffee branches – macaroons and fudge bar. Food for the gods, ensaymada, apple pie, chocolate cake, rhum cake (yeah!), and most recently, cupcakes of all kinds and colors. For viands, well, just about anything.

She does catering, special Christmas packaging and free deliveries – but I believe there’s a minimum and it might depend on your location. We are located in Alabang, Muntinlupa. For inquiries, email me at mark.verzo[@] (so I’ll know which ones I’ll get commissions from), or post a comment here, and I’ll send you a price list and/or give you our contact numbers. I might even deliver it to your doorstep. Time to put on some holiday weight!

I’ll be constantly updating my gallery with more picture samples and box/packaging samples. Click on the photo below to view them. Remember, mark.verzo[@] for inquiries.

Mum's cupcakes

3 thoughts on “Mrs. V’s Homemade Goodies”

  1. mukhang masarap yan ah.


    I like.

    btw, I’ll show this to my girlfriend… I think we can add these pastries to her menu at Ice Cream House.

    Maganda isama ang cupcakes, pasta and ice cream.

    we’ll email you soon, bro.

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