My Philips SHP1900

August 2, 2018 update

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I wrote this post/review! Apparently, the Philips SHP1900 is still out in the market, and the price only increased by around Php 250-300. Now, that is impressive. In this update, I will try to remember more about the SHP1900 that I haven’t shared on the original article. I know it’s been a while, but I only have a couple of thoughts to add anyway.

I have owned two of these to date, but I do not remember when I bought the second pair exactly. It was probably right around when our first child was born—2011. Both are no longer in service and no longer with me. I might have thrown them away from all the moving we have done, or perhaps sold them for next to nothing in a garage sale. Why? Well, the main problem I had with both units is that the faux leather that covers the pads deteriorate so badly. Once they start to crack, there’s no going back.

It became so messy that I remember covering them with tissues just so I do not get black spots of leather all over my ears. Eventually, all of the black material will fall off and you’ll be left with the cushions. You can still use them, but it will not feel comfortable. I’m pretty sure I did not do anything wrong with the way I handled the headphones—I’m very careful and obsessive with my stuff—so I guess there really is a weakness in the design. I hope the newer versions are no longer like this.

That’s it, I guess. I still think they’re the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned. It’s as light as air and there are no (other) fragile parts so you don’t have to be too careful around them, which makes for a good daily-use headphone.

Maybe I’ll try to get my hands on another pair and see if the faux leather (pleather?) issue has been addressed. Then, perhaps, another update.

Original Philips SHP1900 article below

Whoa! Two headphone posts in a row. Actually, I’ve had this longer than my AKG K240 Studio; they are not in the same league, though, so this is just a simple write-up cum review.

When I bought my Creative Zen Vision:M, I saw these neat-looking Philips full-sized headphones for less than a grand. Impulse shopping at it’s finest, I went home with a new portable player and the ability to compare and observe how well it pairs with different headphones and earphones.

This thing cost me Php 615 only. Again, only. A dinner date costs more than these. I’m sure you could think of a million other things that cost more. And that’s where I will center my review on. To date, these are my most-used headphones. I use them when I’m working, I use them when I watch movies before I sleep, I use them with my portable. It’s as light as a feather, as comfortable as a pair of boxers, and, with its price, you wouldn’t mind a little scratch, bump, and bruise here and there. It’s made of tough plastic which is not prone to scratching. As for the sound, let’s just say it’s decent and excellent for Php 615. The general sound characteristic leans toward the muddy, muffled sound. There is a little detail in there, though, and the sound is quite balanced (no spikes in the bass, mid, or high frequencies)

I just love these headphones. I’ve been wanting to go back to the shop I bought it from and buy an extra pair. I’m not that sure but I think it was AstroVision. These are, by far, the best Php 615 I’ve ever spent. I can’t stress that enough. Nowadays it’s so rare that you get what you pay for, and this purchase reminds me that there is still some light at the end of the tunnel. Philips SHP1900, the best Php 615 I’ve ever spent.

Philips SHP1900

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  1. Mark, I left a question for you. Hope you could help me. Other reviews are available, but you being the audiophile that you are, I trust you better.

  2. Read your question boss. Not really familiar with the model you’re planning to buy but I guess some things to consider before the purchase are: 1) how much is it brand new? 2) try out the headphones with your source of choice (ipod, zen). if you think it sounds good, go for it. 3) condition? but i think you’ve summed that up the fact that it’s been used twice only so plus points here.

  3. Thanks. I now have a new dilemma. I’ve posted the details over at mpinoy3. I’ll use it mostly for watching TV or movies via my laptop, but I guess trying it out on the zen would almost be the same.

    I’m in a bind. Let me mull it over.

    = (

  4. I have that similar headphone with me for over 10 years now. There are two headphone I got which I found very useful. One was a sony headphone and this one was the other. I did bought it very cheaply and am surprised by its performance. Been using it on my recording studio.

    I have been looking for this one for over years now. I bought a TDK at cdr king but could not compare with the philips. I will try to look at astrovision for this model and buy me another one. My old one broke after over a decade of use. Thanks for the info.

    Man is it hard to find a good closed headphone now adays! Most you could find are headsets. Other are those for ipods and mp3 players!

  5. I went to Astrovision and indeed found this headphone you mentioned. It is still available at P615 and so I bought me one. It is different from the one I used to have (also a Philips). THis one is more comfortable as it dont press you ears to your head. But the sound is more distant ..although just a wee bit.

    I do like it tho. thanks for the advice.

  6. I just got my SHP1900 and I got it after reading the review here. I must say that these headphones are worth the money, every dime spent. Producing well balanced clear sound (no noise at all) with its neodymium 40mm magnets. These headphones are basically ment for use on a computer or home hi-fi or TV system and may come very handy when listening to i-pod or MP3 player indoors. I would not expect much if one needs it for professional use in a studio but it is not what these headphones are ment for after all. The cable is not OFC but just regular copper and the finishing is not gold plated which may have brought even higher sensitivity but still I give this product an A since there are lot more expensive headphones with ferrite magnets which can not come even close to the Philips SHP1900.

  7. A note for all the newbees out there when it comes to headphones. You do not need to become a pro if you want to make a decision regarding headphones. Don’t let the brand fool you because the price range of the products on the market many times is not adequate to the quality. If you are interested in buying headphones for home use, start looking for headphones with whole ear covering, 40mm (or over) diameter neodymium magnets. Ferrite magnets (speakers in the headphones) produce less quality sound and may be even more expensive. The magnets are basically what make the headphones good or bad when it comes to the sound that they produce. So when buying headphones make sure that the magnet is right, neodymium instad of other. All other features are not so relevant for home users except maybe the lenght of the cable.

  8. I have had these headphones for almost 4 years now. I agree with you for the price that its good… But now that I’m looking to buy some new ones. (The contacts in the Phillips have worn out and so have the earcups) I’m looking into the more expensive range of Php1000-5000.

    I listened to a JBL 410 Reference pair over at my local “Apple store” and it just blew this out of the water. You get what you pay for, I guess.

  9. i bought this one too!!!!!! i was shocked when i saw that it was just php615.00! and yeah! it has a good quality! 😀 i bought it at avant abenson at trinoma.

  10. i got these headphone after my last philips head phone was dead :). My last one was fairly good phone with 8 meters of plug in cable, ready to use in every aspect of multimedia applications however this headphone is a niightmare for me. not talking for its orice range but its far more wprst than every other philips i had used. Try to get a senhesier or akg for quality sound experience.

  11. Well just bought one at electronics boutiques at galleria, got mine at 619php. Very light and comfortable, sound quality is descent and clear for your movie and music need. For its price and the performance you will be surprise.

  12. these headphones suprised me too by the quality! i had a thing against philips for a while because their bass boost earphones were a big dissappointment and because philips earbuds (outer ear, not the stuff-in-your-ear ones) are always too big and won’t fit into my ears. But I was shopping for some over-ear headphones that would be comfortable for longer wearing time and all the headphones that i saw were probably at a reasonable price, but I was hoping for a sweet deal so I kept looking (all the ones i saw were at least $100 hkd). And then as I was about to leave I saw these headphones in a shop for $59hkd only! ($1US = $7.8HKD) @.@!!! I got them and i’m quite pleased with them for now.. except for the fact that my headband thing is quite loose and my headphones slowly slip downwards… but nevertheless i’m pleased with the price. maybe i could hold up the earcups with rubberbands?

  13. @cuccubummer:

    I bought it a while ago, and I have this loose headband problem too. This is pissing me off frankly; it slowly comes down, feeling like one side is tighter than the other one. It is pretty much uncomfortable.

    Did you do anything to fix this problem, or did the rubberband idea work?

  14. I saw this one at appliance store in the mall. It’s already 850 srp. But my budget is less than 2k. Is this SHP 1900 worth buying? I’m gonna be using it for soundtrippin’ listening to music while working, for watching movies, basically.

    Are there any brands or headphones you can suggest? Preferably over the ear and not the bluetooth and wireless kinds.


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