Manny Villar Cup

Billiards Tournament, 1st Senate President Manny Villar Cup

Warren Kiamco wins, Efren Reyes places second – with a finals score of 11-7. After that of course, they held the so-called “dream match” between Efren Reyes and Ronnie Alcano – a race to 4 exhibition match of rotation. Ronnie Alcano wins 4-1. Because of that, Efren lost twice in a row in one night, but, it’s good to see Efren back in top form. He played great during the knockout stages, impressing the crowd with magician-like prowess. I have some videos and pictures.

About the tournament, etc.

The tournament was held at Starmall (a.k.a. Metropolis) in Alabang, in their “sports section” – old movie houses turned indoor basketball courts. The place was hot as there was no air conditioning, except for a bunch of industrial air circulators. The floor was covered with tarpaulin-like flooring which was loose. Scoreboards were basically useless, some were even facing away from the crowd. The tournament obviously lacked preparation; I went straight to the Mandaluyong Mayor’s Cup and felt like entering a 5-star hotel after checking out from a cheap bed & breakfast. There are two major tournaments being held simultaneously, because politics has blackened the world of Philippine Billiards. However, Manny Villar Cup wins in professional player-support, granted they sided with this tournament in their own free will; and Maureen Larazabal singing the anthem in the finals is definitely a plus.

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