To launch a series of partnerships


Just a tad too much sites to handle. Apart from not running out of it, I’ve also had good ones that enjoyed some hay in their day. I’m talking about ideas here, and these, for me, become websites. I’m getting tired of saying “Hey, I thought of that too!” or “If I had just finished what I started…” So now, like all great business owners, I will put to good use the talents of others and reap all the benefits. Just kidding.

The select few (sites) which really have potential will be split in a no-holds-barred 50-50 between me and my partner. Revenue, expenses, work load, everything. In this way, I would have “technically” brought down the number of sites I manage by half, and add 100% more brain.

First to go is bilyar.NET. Did you know that I had owned that domain since college? It’s tough to promote a billiards site without touching base with pool halls, tournaments, events, etc., or offline activities. Glad to say I have found someone already, a well-connected and very much active pinoy pool aficionado whom I also met online.

Next is a spin-off of my music-related sites. Now, instead of continuing some of the already-live sites like Rockstar Bembang!, me and my partner decided to create a brand new idea for branding purposes. She, yes she, unlike he in bilyar.NET, is also very much active in the local music scene as well as online.

All I can say for now is that I’m very excited and I will further discuss the details here in a one post per site manner in the future, once everything has been set in order. I will also probably advertise my need for more partners here, for some of the other sites I’ll continue – mostly local. Remember, to begin with, all hosting costs and domain registration costs are already accounted for. Care to venture with me?

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