Download torrents from your router, PC turned-off

Regular chats with my cousin keeps me up-to-date with the world of computers; funny how that turned-out to be, I, being the one with a computer degree. We were discussing how torrents ruled our lives, so I segued my plan to dedicate a 24-hour system for download goodness. “Ah, torrent rig?” Whoa, you mean there’s a term for that?

He then led me to a flat-out better solution: a router that can download on it’s own. The Asus WL-500g Premium, which among it’s counterparts, seems to hold the most-coveted “sweet spot.” Advantages over having a dedicated torrent rig? For starters, no computers will be left turned-on, ergo, less electricity, less hassles, less gastos, etc.

Besides, the WL-500g boasts a ton of other useful features like file sharing, wireless printer sharing (and webcams), and (sharing) anything that can be plugged-in via usb. All for around Php 3,800. You do need to hook-up and external hard drive to store downloaded files, so maybe add up another “G” if you don’t already have a portable hard drive. Anyway, let me just lead you to the detailed discussion on router-downloaders.

Imagine that. Download-overload at it’s finest. I’m definitely saving up for this one. Although still, the most-extreme of my dreams is to dedicate a second internet connection just for downloading. Drool.

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