June 2008 statistics

After 8 months

Last year I started reporting my blog’s monthly traffic statistics and income regularly, ala John Chow, and for some unknown reason in November, I stopped. I wouldn’t say it was because nobody gave a fudge about it (it’s true), because I did it for myself. I did it because it was challenging – to raise my statistics and income every month. And it worked. From when I started doing it in May last year up to October, my traffic raised by a couple of hundred (daily average) visits every month.

Now my blog is now in a rut, and what better way to relieve it from this slump than to repeat something that already worked before. I will now give it another try, and hopefully, my attitude towards regular posting and general internet marketing for this blog will be affected. I used to love blogging, but now I admit it’s slowly beginning to feel like work. So if you at all know me, to say the least, then you know my sentiments on “work.”


Last June, my blog had 26,337 unique visitors, which means I’m just about right (lower, actually) where I left off – 29,587 in October 2007. I had a total of 40,127 visits – again lower than October last year, and served a total 112,532 pages. I ate up 12.35 GB of bandwidth, from an average of 1,337.57 visits per day. Google gave me 9,249 referrals, and Yahoo!, 2,063. These statistics are based from AwStats, as always, so if you want the Google Analytics equivalent, subtract around 15%.


8 months after, I ruined my blog’s increasing numbers and actually went lower. Although I wouldn’t exactly say I am doing worse now – my blog has more pages than ever, therefore more keywords, but I can safely say I stopped my blog from growing. From this month on, I plan to raise traffic regularly by pressuring myself to want something to report better than the last – even if it means only a couple hundred visits more.

I ruined it. But it’s not too late. By the way, my traffic record stands at 39,119 in November last year, but I admit it was a fluke. Because back then, even my name was being googled. My record for most visits in a day was in October 25 last year at 3,411. Again not counted, because people still visited “BB” back then, which led them here. Here are the rest of this year’s statistics for your curiousitiy. See you next month with more traffic. Next post will be on last month’s income. Get ready to be bored.

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