June 2008 income

As said in my previous post, and like my statistics reporting, my monthly income reporting was stopped last October 2007. The first from last year’s series was a report on August 2007’s income. It then lasted only three months. Nobody gave a fudge as usual – who would care about a $20 income from a blog anyway? But it helped me and it meant something to me. It felt like I was achieving something more every month, no matter how small.

Now, I will give it another try. And like what I realized in my previous post, I stopped increasing my earnings when I stopped pressuring myself from reporting about it every month. This can also serve as a gauge for other bloggers, especially if combined with my traffic figures. But, I will however explain in the end how I don’t care that much for this blog’s earnings.


Last year I had three income streams for this blog – AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, and Text Links Ads. Now, eight months later, I still only have three. I kept promising to myself to add more income streams, but the will ended when the reporting ended. Anyway for June 2008, my income for this blog is as follows: $32.14 from Google AdSense, $22.89 from Text Link Ads and $1.70 from Amazon Affiliates. Which brings us to a whopping grand total of $56.73. Again, I’m right where I left off – $54.13 last October 2007.

Thoughts and why I even bother

I guess I just want to get rid of typical me for once – he who never finishes what he started – plus, I feel that I’m slowly letting this blog slip away from growing. I barely post nowadays, even if I lowered my monthly post quota to ten. When I did this monthly reporting last year, even though it felt like I was talking to myself, I felt happy and content. I felt like I achieved something every month, and I did, and I learned a lot.

You might think $56.73 a month from a blog is a waste of time. To tell you the truth, it is. With my traffic, bloggers can earn twice to thrice $56.73 easily. How? First off, by optimizing ad positions and adding more income streams. All of which I do know, but have chosen not to apply to this blog. Why? Because this blog is my playground, this blog is the “concept car” while my other sites are the ones in production. I learn a lot from doing small experiments here, and I’d like it to stay that way.

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