WordPress is updating more than I post

WordPress 2.6

Time for yet another WordPress update; get WordPress 2.6 here.

In the world of software updates, “just do it” works. And with WordPress, if you are the type of webmaster who delays software updates for when you have “free time,” you will find yourself behind by a couple of software versions in no time.

Besides, the obsessive updating of WordPress’ code means WordPress is the best and most advanced blog software available – millions of supporters and users looking for possible vulnerabilies in the code, and hundreds of developers attending to it.

WordPress is, and will always be, the only way. Seems as though I am directing this post to a non-Wordpress user. Maybe, maybe not.

6 thoughts on “WordPress is updating more than I post”

  1. Hey, what’s up?

    What are your thoughts on Lehman Brothers? Pacquiao-De La Hoya? iPhone 3G? Bangkok Dangerous? Iridology?

    Come on, man, post about anything… even if the only category it’ll fit into is “Alanganing Bakla.”

    Keep thoughtsinbinary.com alive and updated!

  2. I don’t want to sound rude but here is what I have to say..pwede po bang alisin mo na ung website mo bembang..o kaya namn kung ayaw mo eh paki tanggal na lang ung mga infos,pictures and other bios na nakalagay dun sa website mo tungkol sa mga members ng eb babes kasi..hindi lang sila kundi lahat ng mga nakapost dun na mga artista dun ay nababastos…kung ayaw mo namn eh..sana magawan mo ng paraan na matanggal ung mga bastos.vulgar and indecent post..pwde ba yun?

  3. BB, I am your fan here hehe… its been 4 month since this post? I’m planning to post pa naman about this site on my blog. The moment I entered the mahiwagang “BB.C”, it redirected me to this site.

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