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Rockstar Bembang! used to be an article category on the now still-on-it’s-longest-hiatus Bembang!. Originally, I wanted to regularly interview local bands; until now I have only done three namely Sugarfree, Imago and Urbandub. Over the past couple of days I’ve been creating a site that complements that portion in Bembang!, sort of like how Bembang! Girls is to the main celebrity interviews at Bembang!.

It has it’s own domain at and uses the same software as Bembang! Girls. I would have just opted to make it a subdomain like, but the whole of is banned from Google AdSense because of adult content. Since it will just be bands, and therefore no possibilities of nudity (although I might have to rethink that), I’ll see if AdSense works with it.

The site will have a page for each rockstar (band), registered users can upload photos for each album, each band will have a short biography, discography, gig schedule and links. Still planning to embed videos and songs via YouTube and Imeem but that would be a lot of work just to keep updated.

Yes I know it’s another one of my redundant ideas. But I guess it’s better than being stagnant and well, it’s easy to do, needs little money to accomplish and is supplemental to my other sites like the lyrics one, the directory and that new blog from the new blog network.

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