Might as well give this a try

The introduction

For anyone, and I mean anyone that for some reason has been following my posts, I mentioned John Chow’s blog as one of those I read religiously. John is an online mogul and is responsible for The TechZone, one of the internet’s biggest technology sites.

The review

On his blog, he started a gimmick. Any blogger aspiring to have a link from John’s blog, like me, now gets the chance by just posting a review of his blog. By now hundreds of bloggers have reviewed his blog. Well, even if they didn’t, bloggers (especially probloggers) will at one point stumble upon his blog. It’s inevitable. You simply can’t move up unless you’ve gone under the tutelage of gurus. John’s one of them, he’s the real deal and his blog is an all-important tool to succeed. It’s free too.

The hopes

I aspire to accomplish what he has online. I have a blog, I have a couple of sites, I started a blog network, wait, that’s Darren Rowse, and well other than that, I’m asian, I love cars, and I ramble on just about anything.

The plea

So John, please link me up.

The promise

Given the chance, I promise to report on what difference a link from John’s blog makes.

3 thoughts on “Might as well give this a try”

  1. I got a 30% increase in my traffic when john hooked it up with an earlier review batch. He also hooked me up with some community love when he highlighted one of my blog posts in his post. The guy is just hooking it up for everyone! Good Luck and I can’t wait to see what kind of reports you get!

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