The theme song from Entourage

Also, “The Entourage theme song”

After scouring the internet for an answer, I have finally found it. The theme song from HBO’s popular TV series Entourage, is entitled “Superhero” by the band Jane’s Addicition. It’s from the album Strays.

March 2, 2009 update

Posts like these inspired me to create another spin-off blog aptly called, Theme Songs, where I will try to list as much television and movie theme songs as I can. Please do check it out.

Entourage theme song ringtone

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13 thoughts on “The theme song from Entourage”

  1. thanks for posting this – i thought it was JA but kept forgetting to google to find out!

  2. Ya, same as suz… saw JA live in 02 or 03 during lolapaloza… great show (dont remember much of it though)

  3. Thanks for this. I really like how this band sounds, i’ll give them a google.

  4. New season of “Entourage”. What a great, great, great show! Everything else is fucking television when compared to this!

    Thanks for the heads up on JA.

  5. That song is just awful. Totally hack! I had to look it up just to figure out who it is and what possible reason they had for using it on the show. I thought it was probably some gay band that Mark Walburgh grew up with and he was doing them a favor or something.

  6. Wow, the lead singer sounds just like cage the elephant’s lead singer. I kinda just always assumed it was them. Great song. love the show

  7. Thank you man! I was looking for the entourage theme, and thanks to your blog post, i finally got it on itunes!

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