Losing the lyrics battle

New lyrics sites sprout like mushrooms on a rainy season. I see new local lyrics sites every so often. However, my fellow lyrics webmasters might have felt the same when I launched mine. It’s farily easy to do and update, no real thinking is involved, just an awareness of trends in music. If you know a little about creating sites, all it takes is to set-up a blog software and publish. Most popular local lyrics sites use WordPress; like this blog.

In the beginning

I was surprised how fast my lyrics site grew. In 2004, after only about two months I reached 1,000 unique visitors per day. This came from a top search result for a song that was really big back then. I believe it was “Nobela” by Join The Club. The next month I lost half of those hits.

I figured

I always have to be aware of what songs are currently popular. Hope that no one has the lyrics to it yet, then boom. Being that I am a musician of sorts and always out in the band scene, I figured I have some sort of advantage. Only thing is, the cycle gets tiring and exhausting.

Lyrics in the Philippines

The biggest is lyrics.rebelpixel.com. Based from it’s AdBrite statistics, the site gets around 5,000 uniques per day. Once that site picks up the lyrics for a particular song, consider it in the top search results. Another new and a very strong player is songmag.ralphotskie.com. I believe the owner is also a musician and seems to know a lot about the trends; I guess he figured what I also figured. Surprisingly, both of them use WordPress.

I think I’m still in the game since I sometimes score top searches for some songs. If the songs are already in the international sites, I simply forget about it. I did not use WordPress so I can add functions that help me automate the site more. I run ads on the site but it’s not that rewarding. I’ve rotated the ads in all places but the CPM only plays at around .50 – .60 maximum. That’s only around $1.00 per 1,500 page views. A little more SEO for this project I guess, but well, this site will surely stay, depriving other webmasters of whatever music-related search terms they might think of.

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