Acer Aspire 5570ANWXCi


A new laptop. After two years of dealing with my slow Compaq Presario M2000, I finally decided it was time to part ways. A couple of window shopping sessions, online lurking, research, and I’ve found the right one. An Acer Aspire at only Php 39,900.00. It was either this, a gorgeous all-black HP 500 for Php 39,990.00, and a used Dell Inspiron 710m 12.1″ that was worth Php 91,888.00 when it first came out. The Dell was a really good steal; I just thought the 12.1″ screen might be a little too small for me. That, warranty issues, plus the fact that the seller admits to it having a couple of scratches; I just can’t live with that. The HP 500 on the other hand had an older processor and a smaller hard disk. Plus, the salesman said something about it not having drivers included.

Bang for the buck

This new notebook replaces last year’s Acer Aspire 3628ANWXCi in terms of value for money. Compared with the 3628, my 5570 has an upgraded Intel Core Solo processor, 512 MB DDR2 and 80GB HDD; all of that for the same Php 39,900.00 price tag. For complete specifications, click here. Oh, and it also came with a free Apacer 1GB thumb drive.


After getting used to a Celeron, anything higher will already satisfy me. However, I’m really loving the CrystalBrite LCD screen. It’s really sharp, bright and nice to look at; almost made the whites on my old notebook yellowish. I also noticed how powerful the wireless LAN is on this notebook. I’m getting really good reception at home in areas that were impossible with my Compaq.


For what this thing is worth, I have no complaints. It’s either that or I’m just easy to please. Ok, nothing’s perfect. If I could ask for more I probably would have wanted a DVD writer, it only comes with a DVD-CDRW drive, and a bundled Windows XP software. Nothing more.


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  1. how would you rate this acer? are you satisfied with its performance? i wanted to get one because of the crystalbrite thingy…but also, i`d like to know if it is worth the price. thanks..

  2. @ maya

    Very much satisfied. And it’s really worth the price. The only others more “sulit” than this (price/performane) are 2nd hand units and non-big-name brands like NEO, MSI, etc. But if you’re into branded, I highly recommend it. Personal Rating 8/10.

  3. hi thoughts in binary…whew..haba ng name mo, bro! hmnnnn…just read your reply, thanks for giving it time. i got one, even bargained for a lower price, naka-sale na kse so i had second thoughts, siempre, why put it on sale? anyways, complink sm city gave it at 35k for cash and 36,900 for 0% interest, plus the freebies. saleslady galit na sa kin kakahingi ko ng libre, hehehehe…bro, are you always wired? ako not much, only pag nasa bahay and out sa mga wi-fi zones (kokonti lang dito)…naku, dumadaldal na ko…hope to see you someday…compare notes, maybe??? hahaha!

  4. hola! well, they said the price just dropped this weekend, original price is 39,900…oh, don`t feel bad, hehehe… and yes, they`re about to give me that thumbdrive but asked for a laptop webcam instead… di ko pa sya nata-try sa mga hotzones, takot ako dalhin dito sa work, plan to have kape sana sa eastwood, medyo malakas signal dun eh, and airborneaccess na ang wi-fi provider…dude, thanks for taking time to answer ha? sige, bye for now…the vampire gotta work…hehe…

  5. hi,

    I did some window shopping today and included this in my shortlist. P34500 na lang siya, with pirated XP OS. free mouse daw ang kayang ibigay na freebie.

    naeexcite na ako. after reading your account, i think im gonna buy it. 🙂

  6. i have a question pala. does its palm rest heat up? yung uncomfy na sa palad? na kailangan mo nang mag-laptop cooler? kasi ayoko ng ganun. NEO laptops had that problem. Kaya di ko pinatos yung core 2 duo nilang 49K.

  7. @ lepto: Wow ang mura na talaga! Sulit yan boss. About the heat thing. Hmm to tell you the truth hindi ko siya napapansin. Same with my old Compaq. And I use this sometimes for 6-8 hours straight. Ang mainit lang is dun sa exhaust nya sa side which is hindi naman istorbo. I don’t know kung gaano kainit yung sa NEO… Shempre umiinit rin yung palm rest nito but hindi pa ako nag-complain about it. Sana nakatulong boss…

  8. hi, i bought the same model at villman. it’s worth P34, 900 already. hehe. but then no freebies or anything. at some stores there were, but then i don’t know why i bought it there. haha! yeah, comparing it with other laptops in the market. as for me, 1.86GHz of processor is okay so long as have a bigger RAM.

    and it’s eye candy. it looks good! good choice. 🙂

  9. hi…thank you for these infos…m planning to buy one…just have one big question…where is this made from? i’ve heard that acer is mostly produced by China…pcexpress is also selling this one at P34.9k, but haven’t asked that question yet…are yours made in China, too? pls email me at…thanks so much! i need assurance that this won’t flop after months of using bec. P34.9k is P34.9k…thanks, again!

  10. thanks for these infos! m reli contemplating whether to buy this one or not. but i just need more assurance especially from you guys who own this laptop. i’ve just heard that acer products are made from China and said, that it’s not good and that it easily breaks down. are yours made from China, too? and is this rumor true? pls help me decide bec i really need one laptop and this is in range with my budget. so, i really need a good buy, too. do you guys play games on this lappy? how’s the performance? thank you in advance. you can email me at thanks, again!

  11. @ ridvan: Yup bilib ako sa wifi coverage nito. Congratulations on your new laptop.

    @ violets_r_blue: After your comment I got curious. There’s a sticker on the bottom that says it is indeed Made in China. Honestly, I was not concerned about it before. So far my unit is still as good as new. I don’t know if this will last but so far it has not shown any signs of weakness. Sorry I don’t really play games…

  12. thank you so much for the reply…

    by the way, how old is your lappy with you?

    i’m just trying to gather as much information as i can in a flash coz i’m after the promo that computer shops are offering now.

    again, thanks!

  13. hey guys! talaga, made in china easily breaks down? anyway, bought mine last apr 10, so far so good, yep, very good wi-fi coverage, my two kids play games there all the time, ok naman…but I haven`t checked it yet if there is a sticker that says made in china…ako naman, i watch my dvd movies there, ok din naman… hope this one helped you…

  14. Hi violets_r_blue, I recently bought mine last May 2007 and I’ve been using it for 4-8 (or more) hours in a day (excited??? hahaha.. =D). To be honest, I am very satisfied with its performance.

    I have some suggestions, which might be helpful to all who might want to purchase the same model:

    (1.) To have peace of mind, compare the features of Acer Aspire 5570ANWXCi with other notebooks. Do some research. At first, I don’t have any idea what features to look for in a laptop (except for 512MB Memory). I don’t even know the price range of laptops (last time I checked, laptops costs around P100k). But when I accessed the following sites, I realized that brand new laptops can be bought at less than P40k:
    (a) –> this was a very helpful site for me, they even have several articles/guides for computer junkies. =D. Take some time to read their Site GUIDE and BUYING TIPS article.
    (b),, –> to compare laptops that are available in their store (you wouldn’t want searching for a laptop and its features then knowing that there is no single store that could sell you your notebook)
    (c) this blog was very useful, thanks Thoughts in Binary. =D so, look for other useful blogs/reviews.

    (2.) Wait for promos (if it is not an immediate need.. =D) or ask for freebies that come with the notebook. I bought mine (around P34.9k) at Complink Megamall and was able to obtain the following promos and freebies (I sincerely hope that you can also get them):
    (a) Licensed Windows Vista Starter (OEM Version) kit
    This is an original Windows Vista OS, however, Starter OEM version is the lowest type of Vista and many old applications that can be installed in Windows XP cannot be installed in Vista. But still, other computer distributors do not include Windows Vista as a freebie. Vista can be exchanged with XP but with an additional cost (I think around P2-3k). I didn’t downgrade it to XP since I like to try the new Vista. =D
    However, if you already have a Windows OS installer or you prefer to buy pirated Windows OS (but I don’t know the advantages/disadvantages of installing pirated OS), no need to consider this freebie, other computer sellers will throw in free Bluetooth (but I suggest to buy CDR King bluetooth for only P290.. cheap right? =D), 1gb thumbdrive, webcam, etc.
    (b) Genius Optical Mouse
    (c) Apacer AU231 MP3 player with Flash Drive (this is cute and handy.. I really like this MP3 player.. =D)
    (d) Fantastic Four Premiere Movie Tickets (hahaha.. sana pirates 3 na lang.. =D)
    (e) 0% interest even if purchased in 12 months installments (no difference in amount if payment is to be in full or in installments)
    (f) Supercare Warranty (1 year standard + 1 year extended warranty promo)
    * Honestly, I don’t want to post this sana, I don’t want others to feel bad. For those who already purchased their ACER notebook, I’m sorry guys =D. But I want others to take some time and ask the distributors what items they are willing to give for free.

    (3.) If you live nearby, visit 4th Floor of Megamall, there are a lot of authorized distributors.

    (4.) Don’t forget to visit Acer’s website ( Wala lang. =D

    As to the Made in China concern, actually, when I bought the laptop, I wasn’t able to consider this. hahaha. I didn’t notice. Better to ask those who have been using this model for months. =D Look for other useful blogs/reviews.

    As to games, I installed some games (but not warcraft or something like that, I don’t know how to play it kc and I don’t have anyone to play it with..) and it works perfectly.

    Finally, I think nauubos na ung mga stocks for this model, so better hurry. When I bought mine, konti na lang ang may available stock.

    Hope this helps. Goodnight to all! =D

  15. maya, thanks! i really appreciate it. if that’s the case, then i’d probably have one like yours soon. hehehe. i just want confirmation from you guys of its performance, especially on its gaming capabalities because i play when i can find time and sometimes, i really do find time to play since it’s a stress reliever for me especially after the day or week’s workload. hence, i download games often. i feel the need for another laptop because my present one is outdated and slow already because of the games and i don’t want to delete them because the games that i have are really good games. and the present laptop that i have has no burner, so i won’t be able to transfer my games.

  16. belle, thank you so so much!

    i’ve made up my mind already and i’m gonna buy the unit.

    i’m hoping i could get freebies if not the same with you. i’m from cebu, and the only option i have is pcexpress and pcquickbuys. i’m afraid they don’t offer freebies here.

    thank you so much mark a for circulating this topic! it’s such a big help especially for me, who is a compulsive buyer.

    thanks everyone!

    i’ll be back as soon as i have the lappy. i’m sooooooo excited! hehehe

  17. Hi again! May I ask what OS have you installed for your Acer 5570 model? Since the Windows Vista Starter Kit was included in the package, I installed this OS, however, the CD-DVD Rom drive cannot be detected twice, and I had reformatted my lappie thrice.. =(

    Is this an OS related issue?

    Thanks to all who will comment.. =D

  18. Hi Belle!

    I installed Windows XP Home (original). Had to buy the software since no OS came with my unit. Sorry I don’t know anything about Vista, haven’t really tried it. But my unit doesn’t have any problems with XP.

  19. Hi Thoughts In Binary.. thanks po for your reply.. =)

    anywy, i tried to dual boot my unit, win xp pro and win vista starter kit.. so far, i have no problems with win xp, medyo mabagal lang mag boot compare sa vista.. ill check na lng if after sometime the unit will not recognize the cd rom again..

    accdg naman po to acer, they will replace na my unit.. hayy.. sana lang, wala ng problems uli..

    anywy, to all, im hoping your having a great time with your notebook. =)

  20. hello there! just bought mine about 2 weeks ago in sm bicutan and i’m thrilled to have it. they brought the price down from 39k-something to 34k-something tapos natawaran pa namin down to 33k kasi full cash payment. we then added 2k to upgrade from 512MB to 1 gig (original price 3k-something), again cash. so if you have the means, COLD CASH is the way to go. ang laki ng matatawad.

    i have a question though…does anybody else have a problem with their bluetooth?


  21. Thanks, Thoughts In Binary! I was suspecting that was the case, but I wanted to make sure hehe. =)

  22. my laptop is on dual-boot, ubuntu 7.04 (feisty fawn) and windows vista(ultimate).

    on ubuntu:
    some things aren’t working properly at first like the audio. prolly it’s not in it’s driver library when it was installed. but you just need a some tweak on it though and right now it works perfectly fine. i installed beryl desktop effects and it works smoothly. and it’s really an eye candy. better than vista’s aero effects. hehe.

    on windows vista:
    so far on windows xp, everything is good and you shouldn’t have any problem at all. as for vista, i’m currently installing it right now and so far the drivers are working. but the audio and video drivers are working perfectly fine.

    i think you should go to your dealer immediately regarding your combo drive being undetectable.

    let’s all enjoy our lappies! hehe. 🙂

  23. @ridvan: thanks! acer had already replaced my laptop last july 5, since then i was using Windows Vista Starter and had no problems with it so far.. =D

    you’re right! let’s all enjoy our lappies! =D

  24. Why my acer Aspire 5570 fails to turn on when i press he start button on he top right corner at first go.I have to remove the battary fit it back,and then only its starts up.What causes this buggy thing.
    thanks in advance

  25. Hi people! I just bought my aspire 5570 last month and I just wanted to ask from you guys if it is good in games such as NBA Live 07 or NFS most wanted using vista ultimate and one more thing does this notebook can play online/level up games? Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank you and more power!

  26. just wanna ask how to activate the bluetooth…
    i already installed the driver but “no bluetooth device connected message” appearing and even switching the lever/ON in front of the laptop….

    i appreciate your reply..or email….


  27. # tenz Says:
    July 25th, 2007 at 6:22 am

    Why my acer Aspire 5570 fails to turn on when i press he start button on he top right corner at first go.I have to remove the battary fit it back,and then only its starts up.What causes this buggy thing.
    thanks in advance

    rePLY TO TENZ:

    it shouldn’t go that way…
    go to your supplier and let them replace the defects or maybe your laptop

  28. tenz: have it checked and repaired especially if it’s still under warranty.

    pointballler: I’m sure it can. I’m not really sure if it’s good for it as I don’t use mine to play games.

    ice: I also had to figure it the hard way. Sorry, but if you have the exact same model, we don’t have bluetooth. It’s not clearly stated. You have to buy an external dongle.

  29. thanks for the reply T.i.B.

    maybe we are in the same model…but it sucks man..right??
    what is the purpose of that “lever” in front???i guess it is for turning ON and OFF of the Bluetooth…if we are going to connect a dongle, then what is the use of that???right??
    disappointing..tsk tsk..

    thanks anyway


  30. Dongle is for the missing bluetooth feature. The right level is for turning off wifi reception. For a bang of ghe buck, the aspire 5570abwxci is something to be aspired.

  31. The switches on the front of the laptop do their job. They are just switches. The problem is that there is no built-in bluetooth device. If you do have a bluetooth dongle, then the switch, theoretically, will work. The laptop has built-in wireless LAN, that’s why the switch is working.

  32. hello po.
    can anyone give me a copy of the drivers of ACER 5570ANWXCI?
    I have this unit too. I want to reformat it because it has a virus.
    But unfortunately I cannot find the CD.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks you in advance

  33. Well im selling what i have for 19,000 Php. No problem with the performance but i need a lighter unit to lug to the office everyday that the good Lord made. Any takers? I found one HP notebook that is ideal for my needs at the rate of 28,000 Php but being only 7 inches it lacks the usual CD/VD ports or whatever you call them. However, this i could dispense all in the name of convenience and lesser backpains. Any buyers out there. Here are the specs I can copy from the the face of the laptop:

    – Intel Core Solo Processor T1350 (1.86GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 2 MB L2 cache)
    – 14.1″ WXGA CrystalBrite LCD
    – Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
    – 80GB HDD
    -DVD/CD-RW Combo
    – 512MB DDR2 (support dual channel)
    – 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN

    CONTACT NO. 09175070630

    My apologies if selling in this site is prohibited. In that case, please disregard.

  34. To maya!

    Hi! I hope you can read my email. I also have the same laptop as yours and last month it was reformated because of virus. It was just given to us by an Uncle so no drivers were included. Maybe I can ask for a copy of the acer 5570ANWCXi driver..wala ksing sounds ung laptop, at hndi din makakonek sa net…pambihira…pangtype lang nmin nggmit..thanks…


  35. i reformat my acer 5570ANWXCI and i noticed nwla ang wifi nya…wat will i do…anybody who can help me…pls reply..i badly need it..

  36. Happy new year guys!

    I’m also an owner of one Aspire 5570, and it has been perfect for the past 3 years. (Or 4 years, it’s 2010 already!)

    For those still using it, have you guys experienced problems with the monitor? Like, say, it creaks when you open it? It’s my only worry that the monitor would die…

  37. ok pa ba aspire 5570 nyo?…yung sa akin ok parin…and nabibigay parin niya yung needs ko…marami ng lumalabas na laptops pero love ko parin tong lappy ko…hindi pa xa nasisira mukha paring bago…mag3 years ko na xang ginagamit…wala parin akong makita na dapat na xang palitan… nasa paggamit din ata tumatagal ang isang gamit…sana ok pa yung sa inyo….

  38. ok pa rin ang 5570 ko,at walang problemang ibinigay sa akin for more than 3 years pero kailangan ko na sya palitan at ipamana sa anak ko, acer pa rin ang bibilhin ko dahil subok ko na…

  39. hellow, do you have the CD with you containing the driver for this laptop? Can I ask a favor? Can I have a softcopy of the LAN driver for this laptop. We have the same model of laptop. Is it ok?

  40. hi, can i just ask how can your Acer Aspire 5570ANWXCi connect to wifi? What did you do? I hope you, or anyone, could help because I really don’t know how.

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