Acer Aspire 5570ANWXCi


A new laptop. After two years of dealing with my slow Compaq Presario M2000, I finally decided it was time to part ways. A couple of window shopping sessions, online lurking, research, and I’ve found the right one. An Acer Aspire at only Php 39,900.00. It was either this, a gorgeous all-black HP 500 for Php 39,990.00, and a used Dell Inspiron 710m 12.1″ that was worth Php 91,888.00 when it first came out. The Dell was a really good steal; I just thought the 12.1″ screen might be a little too small for me. That, warranty issues, plus the fact that the seller admits to it having a couple of scratches; I just can’t live with that. The HP 500 on the other hand had an older processor and a smaller hard disk. Plus, the salesman said something about it not having drivers included.

Bang for the buck

This new notebook replaces last year’s Acer Aspire 3628ANWXCi in terms of value for money. Compared with the 3628, my 5570 has an upgraded Intel Core Solo processor, 512 MB DDR2 and 80GB HDD; all of that for the same Php 39,900.00 price tag. For complete specifications, click here. Oh, and it also came with a free Apacer 1GB thumb drive.


After getting used to a Celeron, anything higher will already satisfy me. However, I’m really loving the CrystalBrite LCD screen. It’s really sharp, bright and nice to look at; almost made the whites on my old notebook yellowish. I also noticed how powerful the wireless LAN is on this notebook. I’m getting really good reception at home in areas that were impossible with my Compaq.


For what this thing is worth, I have no complaints. It’s either that or I’m just easy to please. Ok, nothing’s perfect. If I could ask for more I probably would have wanted a DVD writer, it only comes with a DVD-CDRW drive, and a bundled Windows XP software. Nothing more.


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  1. hi, can i just ask how can your Acer Aspire 5570ANWXCi connect to wifi? What did you do? I hope you, or anyone, could help because I really don’t know how.

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