Lee Van Corteza is the National Pool Champion

2007 BSCP National Pool Championships

A title formerly held by Alex Pagulayan, Lee Van Corteza, 27 years old, defeated Marlon Manalo 13-11 earlier today to become only the 2nd National Pool Champion. The tournament was participated by 64 top Filipino players including the likes of Ronnie Alcano, Rodolfo Luat and Leonardo Andam. “Van-van” only lost once in the tournament, to Carlo Biado, early in the knockout stages.

The finals was not really what people might have expected, although it was close, both seemed to have finals jitters, missing balls and creating unforced errors more than what is usually seen in a finals match. At 12-11, Lee Van broke, runout and never let Marlon back to the table. In Lee’s journey, the semi-finals match between him and Dennis Orcollo was probably more memorable. At 9-9 (in a race to 10), Dennis was about to finish the match clearing out the rest of the final rack. In the 5-ball, he made an excellent cross table bank shot with perfect position for the 6. In a relatively straight shot to the side pocket, he missed the 6-ball, causing him the game, the finals slot and the whole tournament. Corteza then proceeded to clear the rack and gain the finals slot.

Lee Van Corteza pocketed Php 500,000.00 while Marlon manalo took home Php 250,000.00. Iris Rañola, on the other hand, emerged as the first ever winner of the ladies section and went home with Php 200,000.00, defeating Mary-Ann Basas of Davao City, 9-7.

I was only able to go on the third day, arriving around 7:00 p.m., expecting to pay Php 100.00 for the entrance, but instead we were let in for free because the gate was already closing. Was able to catch action in all tables simultaneously with the highlight being the Pagulayan vs. Andam match in TV table two. Here are some pictures.

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  1. just want to ask where i can find pictures from 2nd bscp national pool championship… pls help..

  2. just want to ask where i can find pictures from 2nd bscp national pool championship (march 31)… pls help..

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