Losing Diana Zubiri

I Wish

In Google. Anyway, make a search for Diana Zubiri in Google. For the longest time, I’ve had the top position for Diana Zubiri, it reflects the Diana Zubiri page @ Bembang! Girls. She is still a very coveted search phrase, and I’m down to number three. Thanks to that ladiesgallery.net and Wikipedia. I don’t care much about Wikipedia, I don’t consider that competition, but that ladiesgallery.net is not really informative.

Have to make some updates now, add some links, whatever it takes. On another note, Angel Locsin is still the most searched celebrity in the Philippines and my Angel Locsin page has dropped to the sixth. Thanks to the Starmometer empire. Notice that everyhing above Angel Locsin @ Bembang! Girls in a Google search (except of course for Wikipedia), is owned by Starmometer.

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