Bianca King in person

The inspiration for this post can be read at the last paragraph. But first, the report. I have seen Bianca King in person twice. The second time, I saw her in a two-piece. It was in Boracay so she was there for everyone to see. The first time was in Alabang Town Center. I think she frequents that place – or the south in general because I always hear stories of “I saw Bianca King.”

When I engage in Bianca King talk, there’s always one common denominator. She’s malaman. Particularly in her legs; in fact, she has big hips. This for most, and me as well, is a turn-on. In person, she can bring out the stalker in you. I might have stared at her without caution for over a minute. She’s sexual. Or rather, a more appropriate synonym combined with the proper pronunciation would be sekswal. Her look spells out sexy in all languages – borderline naughty.

Guess who I saw with Bianca King?

Confession first. I was not really physically there to witness what I’m about to say but I have no reason to doubt my source whatsoever. In fact, I consider myself as being there “in spirit.” Feel free not to believe, I don’t mind. Champ Lui Pio. Yes, Hale frontman and obsession of many. Starbucks in Madrigal Avenue, in front of Alabang Town Center. May 19, 2007 around 11:00 p.m. and get this, they were trying to bring a dog inside. By the way, here’s my poor attempt at paparraziing Bianca King in Boracay last year. Man, a recent commenter was right, this is a lame-a$s blog.

Who is Rashel Piazza?

If and when you and your friends pass by the local magazine stand, spot the latest issue of Maxim, after which your clueless friend asks – “Sino yan?” Remember one thing.

Gran Ma

Ah, siya yung sa commercial ng Gran Matador.” From then on, they’ll think highly of you; especially when it comes to alcohol and girls. Ok, first of all that won’t happen because on the cover of Maxim just right below Rashel Piazza reads: Gran Matador Brandy Girl. Maybe you can just say that she’s a Belo endorser; but you’ll instantly transform from hero to zero. You can also say that she’s the cousin of Aubrey Miles – but leave me as a source becuase there’s no proof of that. Or maybe you could also add this little trivia – “Pare alam mo ba si Rashel Piazza na cover ng Maxim May issue at si Jamilla Obispo na cover ng FHM May issue ay pareho ang suot na bikini?

Make sure to credit Thoughts In Binary for your newfound manliness. Here are a couple of links with some information. Rashel Piazza. Jamilla Obispo.

Fixing Ala Paredes’ blog

If you read Ala’s blog, you might have noticed her small note below the About graphic that says: “This site is best viewed with Firefox and Safari and does not load well with Internet Explorer.” Hence, if you are an Internet Explorer user like me, the site will load like this. Recent Firefox commentaries like this one only stresses on the point that there is no Firefox revolution. Sorry I love IE, but really, the important thing to consider here is multiple-browser-compatibility.

I told Ala that I was getting OC’d with her blog so I offered to fix it. She then sent the blogger template code and after finding some spare time I tweaked it a bit and found an IE-Safari compromise. The blog now looks like this in both IE and Safari. Just replaced some tables with blocks, modified the use of percentages, etc.

In person

No In Person reporting here. Ala and I used to be in the same band before; just in case you didn’t know, she’s an excellent singer. She is now riding Kangaroos in Australia.

Yasmien Kurdi in person

Recent comments led me to add a Yasmien Kurdi in person post. Wow, Jennylyn and Yasmien in two consecutive articles, it’s like 2003 once again. I saw Yasmien Kurdi in the NOFX concert last April 19, 2007; in fact, I might have already shared my thoughts about Yasmien in that post but, she deservers a solo page. Here’s me and my friends with Yasmien.

As the story goes, we were just waiting for Urbandub to open the night when Yasmien Kurdi, out of nowhere, showed up in the PETA booth. Literally starstruck, me and my friends waited for the perfect photo opp. At first, and I will never cease to insist this, she already had her arm around my waist for the picture pose. Then the boys took matters in their own hands and decided we were online zine worthy.

Yasmien in person is nothing compared to Yasmien in television. I was personally surprised at how attention-grabbing her aura was. Simple and very nice to look at, very clean looking yet oozing with sex appeal. I think she gained weight though, either or, it suits her better. I think she enjoyed the concert more than we did, we’d often see her amidst the rowdy crowd. Then at one time she was already lying on the floor resting it out. Like I said, she was with Menaya’s vocalist that time and I am not in a position to say if they’re an item or just friends. Here is a picture of Yasmien after sweating it out – with Pinoy Idol contestant slash Menaya vocalist. 

What I really thought of Jennylyn Mercado


May 24, 2005, we were given a rare chance to interview Jennylyn Mercado. She was our sixth Dream Bembang! feature and our biggest celebrity yet. A day earlier we were given the go signal by her handler; only, we would have to go to the set and wait for a break from shooting without any guarantee of interview time and length. It was in Parks & Wildlife, Quezon City, the shooting was for Luv 2 Luv. We arrived around 8:00 a.m., the GMA 7 entourage arrived around 8:30. We were told that Jennylyn had just come from another shooting and has not slept yet. They started shooting anyway.

The interview

Finally around 12:00 p.m. the cast and crew decided to take a lunch break. Jennylyn was already aware of the interview, she chose to conduct it inside her van where afterwards she’d proceed with a power nap.  Me and Nikki (who took the photographs) went in. After the usual introduction and small talk, I started asking questions. Had my usual guide questions in a single piece of paper, a pen, and my Palm to record the conversation. This approach never let me down in the past; it was always good for an hour or two of conversation, I’d always think of something to add that was not in my guide because I was usually carried away with intrigue.

Interview still

The interview was a one-question, one-answer kind of conversation. I could harldy get her to utter more than a couple of words - that was if she didn’t already answer with a yes, a no, an uhuh, or a plain nod. The atmosphere was plain awkward – at least on our part. I clearly remember how much more attention she’d give to her phone. It felt like I was trying to force myself to be liked by girl who already gave me the cold shoulder in the first place - one would obviously leave after such, but in this situation, I had to continue because it was my job. There was no connection, there was no joke time, there was no kulitan – unlike with Kyla, Karel Marquez, Sarah Christophers, Nicolette Bell and Jaymee Joaquin.

In person

Still, Jennylyn Mercado is beautiful as hell. We’ve always liked her simple, Filipina, cute-with-a-mix-of-gorgeous beauty. From the moment she arrived in Parks & Wildlife, even when we were about 50 meters away, she was a sight to behold. Her hair was so straight, jet-black, and beautiful. Up close she is flawless, smooth, I simply couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Her skin tone was exact. Ok, maybe I’m a bit exaggerating because her face really falls into “my type.” She was not fat, not thin. Sexy? In a way yes. She’s not that tall so she’s not beauty queenish.

Final Thoughts In Binary

After the interview we felt nalugi. In all fairness she was really tired, did not even eat, and hadn’t had sleep. I personally thought I couldn’t care less anymore, I wanted to translate the interview word-per-word so anyone reading it would get the tone right away. But, after all, an entity as small as my indie publication would probably affect a big celebrity in the littlest way. This is the only interview I wish I could redo. Do I hate Jennylyn Mercado? Who am I to hate a Jennylyn Mercado. Do we still like Jennylyn? Nikki probably doesn’t anymore, me, I don’t really care that much.


Who is Ellen Adarna?

February 25, 2009 update

Broke the 400-picture mark late last year. Sorry for the late update.

October 2, 2008 update

Is Ellen back on the cover of UNO Magazine?

September 1, 2008 update

I’ve taken over the duty of hosting the most comprehensive collection of Ellen Adarna photos. Currently, 360 photos. Check it out – Ellen Adarna gallery.

March 21, 2008 update

Ellen Adarna UNO March 2008. Plus, an Ellen Adarna Yahoo! Group.

March 1, 2008 update

Check this out. Finally. Original post below.

One day

My friend, Bulate, led me to a Gagong Rapper video in YouTube and, little did I know that he really meant for me to listen to the song; I took notice of the girl in the video instead. I’ve seen that girl before – Friendster, MySpace, forums, blogs, you-name-it. I just thought she was one of those new celebrities that no longer appealed to our age group. With little left in my schedule, I then proceeded to read all the comments below the video – 8 pages worth.

Philippines’ Queen of MySpace

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, who appeared in the July 2005 and June 2006 covers of Candy Mag, is a model, a chinita beauty sometimes resembling Maxene Magalona, and a self-made internet celebrity. Her online celebrity status started from her obsessive posting of self-portraits taken from camphones, sometimes even with a male partner in a bedroom setting. This led to numerous fake social networking accounts that used her photos, and an army of yet-to-reach-puberty perverts posting obsessive and disturbing messages all over the internet.


Again, I’ll leave you with links to get you more acquainted. First off, an 8-page long thread in entitled “Post your Favorite Ellen Adarna Pix here.” A video in YouTube for CandyMag, proof of her second cover feature and a rare chance to hear her talk. A self-made video in Photobucket, her plea to disregard fake accounts. 101 search results in YouTube for “Ellen Adarna.” A no-proof-of-authenticity blog in Blogger. A 341 picture collection in a .zip file, imagine that. And, her official sites:, which will lead you to, and a no-longer-exists

Final Thoughts In Binary

She is really, really gorgeous though; especially for chinita lovers. A suiting description would be angelic. But, maybe she’s just really photogenic. I’m not posting her picture here, let’s not fall into that cliche.

Kristine Hermosa in person

I saw Kristine Hermosa for the first time at the 2007 Trans Sport Show – April 20, 2007, around 10:00 pm. Diether Ocampo endorses Concept One wheels, obviously she was there for him. I’m still glad I decided to wait for the closing of the show that day, I was there from around 7:00 pm, there was no sign of Kristine. Then, before finally deciding to go home, I saw a bunch of people crowding over something, cellphones aimed at one direction.

She was there sitting quietly inside a booth, people were taking her pictures – both with her and just her. At this time, my friends were already packing up, I didn’t have anyone to take my picture with her so I just asked if I could take her picture. See it here. It’s not that clear so I’ll just link to it. Then I took a couple more, even if she was looking at another camera.

It was late; I did not see her not smile for a each single photo that was taken. Believe me there were a lot. Through her smile you could see that she was tired but they all looked genuine – as if she was really happy for making each one happy. Maybe she was. She is really, really white. And I mean probably Lucy Torres white. To me, what she is in television is what she is in person. It did not feel like she was more beautiful in person or in television, which is quite amazing, and quite surprising. 

Entourage’s Sloan

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Lovely. A half-French, half-Moroccan Canadian born goddess who plays Sloan in HBO’s Entourage. She was born Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui on December 10, 1977. Sloan is Eric Murphy’s girlfriend who also happens to be the daughter of Terence – Malcolm McDowell, the owner of Ari Gold’s old agency. Make sure to check out the episode from the third season entitled Three’s Company where Sloan and Tori, played by Malin Akerman, engage in a hot lesbian kiss. Then tell me if you still feel nothing. Also, do check out this interview from HBO’s site.


Sponsor tells me, link Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Feet please.


Kelly Misa in person

Kelly Misa is my In Person number one simply because I last saw her 6 hours ago – at the Alabang Town Center, particularly in front of the cinema ticket booths. If you frequent Alabang Town Center, there are more chances of seeing her than bumping in to an old friend. She is probably there as often as Nicole Hernandez. In person, Kelly Misa does not standout in a crowd. She is not that attention-grabbing. I almost always see her in flip-flops, shorts and a shirt, and, always with her boyfriend. However, if and when you spot her, there’s no mistaking why she is one of our top models. Probably around 5’7″, her skin is as smooth as silk, perfect, and her beauty is one where you find her more beautiful the more you see her.

But wait

I remember approaching her in BPI Town Center back when I was desperate for Bembang! interview candidates. I don’t know how but I just somehow mustered some guts to ask her (in front of her bf) if it would be ok to schedule an interview with her. I asked for her manager’s number which she easily gave out even if I didn’t have any proof of my identity. I didn’t feel a hint of taray with the way she responded. So I guess I have to add that she is a approachable and humble (looks smart too) apart from the already established beautiful.

I heart Maria Ozawa

First off I would like to thank my college buddies for exposing me to the world of Maria Ozawa. I have not looked back ever since.

Maria Ozawa, also known as Miyabi in Japan, is a half-Japanese, half-French-Canadian porn goddess. Some do not totally agree with her profession but hey, I think there’s no better way for her to entertain us. There are angles of her that are unmistakably Angelica Panganiban (a plus for Angelica fantasizers), but she has a body that needs no Photoshop editing.

Ave Maria

Let me just lead you to some links to get you more acquainted. Her blog, but you won’t be able to understand anything from that, this collection of wallpapers where I stole the picture below from, her Wikipedia page, which is almost always the first and last resort (not for Maria Ozawa I assure you), this Play Asia page where you can buy her videos, and, this blog entry and this blog entry, so I get a trackback to this post. Time to replenish your tissue stock. Enjoy.

Finally, an update – October 5, 2008

For those of you who have been living under a rock, let me just inform you that Maria Ozawa has now “clearly” exposed her private parts in, currently, four video releases from Maria Ozawa in “Sofa Shakedown,” “Fast Sucking Venus,” “Strip for Me,” and “Paradise Hotel.” Google it, ok?