A busted Apple AirPort Express

Today, our Apple AirPort Express died. According to my mother, who was the sole witness to this event, a loud “pop” came from the device and the rest was history. No more green light, no activity, nothing.

The Experience

This thing gave us our first taste of wi-fi and the small sucker really made things easy. We are not really Mac users, only my sister is, and I thought I would have had a hard time setting this thing up with our computers. This thing ranks up high in my definition of Plug & Play. Other than that, the reception was quite good, it did not reach our second floor but we did not really care as long as it covered the whole first floor.


So after about 15 months of continuous usage, it finally died. We did not turn this thing off (is that necessary?) except for the ocassional restart and Milenyo. We were not even able to use the AirTunes and the Wireless Print functions. But, I say it served us well. We would have had this thing repaired but since our lives depend on the internet and the nearest Apple service center is not really near, we just bought a new and different router.