A blog network

To make up for lost blogging.

I feel that I might have over-snubbed the idea of blogging some two years ago when it was predicted to be the next big internet thing. I was still doing forums back then, portals, galleries, etc., and I failed to make a prescence in the blogosphere. Now it’s really, really big and I’m such a small player. I knew about it before but only seriously went back late last year. I knew of Abe and his Yugatech site back then, I might have even wrote to him once for a project; now his blog is really big and earning a lot.

I’ve been reading and learning a lot about the blogosphere, both local and international; and it has inspired me to a great extent. The likes of Darren Rowse, John Chow, Markus Frind, not to mention a lot of Pinoy gurus as well, I follow their blogs like clockwork.

A blog network.

To compensate for my so-called lack of prescence in the blogosphere, I decided to put up a blog network of my own. What better way to name it than Bembang! Blogs. Another brand of my pseudo company – Bembang! (Not for long). In the past week, I’ve been scouting for possible writers, offering free blogs, the works, etc. to people I know, people I don’t know, great-writers-non-bloggers, poor-writers-great-bloggers, celebrities, etc. So far I have registered four new domain names, one for each blog, I plan to have at least five blogs (not including me) this week.

The idea of a blog network is old; heck I’m not even the first Philippine blog network, some blog netowrks are really big internationally and there are even Filipinos writing for these big international blog networks. I’m not one to come up with a YouTube idea, just a YouTube-type idea. But heck, even friendster was a copy.

I’m not yet ready to go public with the blog network, yeah it’s already there but I haven’t really announced it like mad. Maybe over the next few days or so. Not until I have five blogs and each blog has gone through these.

Fixed bugs for Ang Lyrics Natin

A couple of fixed errors for my Lyrics Site.

Date error on submit page

An error occurs when a visitor clicks on the “submit lyrics” link on the View Requests page. The correct date does not reflect and instead the default December 31, 1969 is stored.

Double-entry for submissions

Submissions for songs that have already been submitted were still posted in the database which resulted in multiple entries for the same song lyrics. Now the script is capable of checking if the submission (via artist’s name and song title) is already in the database. If a particular submission is incorrect or incomplete, a visitor may comment and post corrections.

As always, please report any other bugs that you may encounter to admin@anglyricsnatin.com, or post a comment in this blog.

New features for Ang Lyrics Natin

In my quest to create a very, very user-friendly lyrics site, I have added some new features for AngLyricsNatin.com that I think would benefit the regular visitors and anyone who comes across the site searching for lyrics.

In addition to the site’s request function, I have added a real-time submission script which checks if there are related requests for the submission. If there is a related request, the script automatically adds the submission to the request and the requester will be notified (via email) of the submission.

The submission script is also capable if checking if the lyrics is already in the database to prevent redundant entries. A submitter trying to submit lyrics that has already been submitted has the option of posting comments on the submit page if the lyrics contains errors. I also added a “submit lyrics for artist” link on all artist pages.

Pending domains and those left behind

A list of projects that did not pick-up.


This was the very first domain I registered. It was way back in 2001 when I was still interested in Network Marketing. I followed a couple of spam emails that led me to online mlm’s (Multi-Level Marketing). I did join a couple of them and I actually earned from Coral Connection, which was my first taste in earning online, and I created this site to promote my programs. I even launched a weekly ezine and paid for some subscribers. At that time the Internet Marketing niche was already saturated, which is evident in my long domain, and breaking in that niche was impossible. In 2004 I let the domain expire. But with this experience, I learned site design, html, css, hosting and all the works.


Correction, this is actually my first domain. I got it for free back then. Remember the site that gave away free .com, .net, and .org domains? I got it there. Sorry I have forgotten the name of the site. This was back in 2000 when me and my college friends would trip on free hosted sites. Remember tripod? In 2006 I actually registered the domain and made a forum out of it.


Back in 2003, Bembang! Girls was starting to pick-up and I wanted a foreign counterpart. I wanted to add a twist where I will feature pictures that showed the latest gossips in hollywood. I used the 4 Images script, uploaded a couple of photos and left it. It actually was able to get around 300 unique visitors per day because I added keywords of celebrities that were not so popular. When their popularity boomed, I was already in the search engines. But it did not last long because I was too lazy to update. In 2005 I stopped renewing the domain.


This is still actually online. The inspiration came from Kung Fu Cinema. Since I’m macho and therefore loves Gangster Movies, I checked out the domain and it was still available. Until now I stil haven’t found the time to create a script or layout.


This is also still online. I have always wanted a billiards-related site. And since I obviously registered this when Friendster boomed, I searched for domains that ended in “ster”. I tried porn-related domains to no avail. Hence, billiardster.


Again, still online. The inspiration of this domain came from Cheech & Chong. I wanted to create a Philippine community for their “thing”. Stupid idea.


Still mine. And very, very wanted by my peers. I will launch this in the future as a foreign counterpart to my secret site.


I just love this domain. Even if it’s still nothing. Just thought I’d register it before someone else does.


An OPM critic site obviously. Still too lazy to start.

A blog category for my projects

I have decided to add a category for my projects (sites) to add a more personal feel to them. Aside from the usual Site Updates and News which can be located within the sites, this new blog category will have a more in-depth reporting of what I am currently doing with my projects and why. I might also include some promotion and monetization techniques as well as those that failed.

I guess creating a list page for my projects would make sense.