Narda no more

A couple of days ago, Ryan Villena, Narda’s drummer, made an announcement in their mailing list that they are scheduled to play their last gig on April 12, 2007 at Saguijo. It seems that the band has gone through a lot of changes in their line-up; which continues to this day, and this has prevented them from completely moving on.

Narda has probably been in the scene since 2001. I remember the first time I discovered Saguijo, when it was virtually unknown, they already had a schedule; they’re one of the pioneers and I think there could be no better place for them to hold their last gig.

The direction they took their music to is something I admire. When I heard Discotillion, their last album, it was unmistakably Narda yet it was so fresh. Seems like they were garage-influenced this time, and they incorporated it to their sound; something that’s easy to do but hard to pull-off. I hope to still see them doing other projects, especially Katwo, one of the best female performers today. Soon her and their act will be gone. Sad to see this band go.

Ira Cruz is sponsored by Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

As seen here. He has now joined the ranks of, to name a few, Alex Lifeson, Al Di Meola, Mike Einziger and a bunch of new metal guitarists. I wonder which models, and I mean which guitar models, he got. I hope they’re not those cheap PRS SE models from the JB music stores. One lucky bastard. Yeah, well, I’ve heard urban legends about his awesome guitar playing but I’m still waiting for the day when he’ll really show his chops.

Thoughts In Binary to Ira Cruz

“Pusang hilaw mucho-gwapito na nga, ang lulupet pa ng mga tsiks mo, nakukuha mo pa ng libre ang gitarang pinag-iipunan ko! ‘Pag sineswerte nga naman. Akala ko ba habang may tatsulok? Bakit ikaw ang nasa tuktok!?”

So, what’s the difference between a rockstar and a mega-rockstar?

Daniel Crisologo of DRT, who also played for Mojofly, who also played for Julieanne, who also plays for DC Aftershock, landed a deal with RJ guitars. He has his own line of guitars, co-designed by him; it is very well made and looks like an expensive guitar. It will probably sell for less than $400. On the other hand, Ira gets PRS Guitars that sell at a starting price of $2000. 

By the way, Vic Mercado, also from Bamboo, is now also sponsored by Gretsch, but well, so is Mark Escueta.

Swissy signs with Terno Recordings

Christina del Mundo, also known as Swissy, has signed with Toti Damacion’s Terno Recordings – Up Dharma Down’s record label. Yesterday I received a text message from Terno Recordings about a gig in 70’s Bistro that said “…featuring Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down and Terno Recordings’ latest artist Swissy.”

I have yet to talk to Swissy about the details but I would just like to extend my congratulations and best wishes and of course, to spread the word. I know for a fact that she is firm in her decision to break the local music scene (she’s from Australia), and has left everything (family & friends) in Australia just to start a career here.

Again, check out here music here, and maybe check out her gig schedule here.

Fronting for Apo

I am now officially part of a Filipina artist from Australia’s band. Last night Christina del Mundo who poses as “Swissy,” was given the chance to perform in Metro bar (West Avenue) as a semi-front act for Apo Hiking Society. As a first gig, we played a set of four songs (complete band) plus one (solo) – all Swissy originals. Her style reminds me of the Cardigans, The Sundays, Plumb, etc.

You can check out Swissy’s music here.

Never thought I’d be anywhere close to an Apo gig without Ala. In the dressing room, Swissy told the great Jim Paredes that “these guys” came from Ala’s former band. He did not recognize us but he remembered. Then again, there were so many good things about Apo in that show that I feel the need to post a separate entry for them.

Burn Baby, Burn!

The Burn Magazine launch, SM Mall of Asia, November 24, 2006. A sort of Pulp Magazine with a twist.

We got there around 9:00 p.m., concert started at 4 p.m., and were still able to watch performances by 6 Cyclemind, Sugar Free, Pupil, Moonstar 88, Hemp Republic, Nyco Maca, Drip, Sino Sikat?, Imago, Up Dharma Down, Lokomotiv, Radio Active Sago Project, Hale, Itchyworms & Bamboo.

That was long. Can I make this longer and say a thing or two for each artist? Please?

6 Cycle Mind

I know Tutti (drummer) is also the vocalist of Protein Shake so kudos to his talent and I now know that he has the most fans in the band.

Sugar Free

Sorry we were eating while they were playing but then again not much wrong can come from a Sugar Free performance.


Doc was the boyfriend of a dear friend of mine and I don’t like her stories about him. – So? Ely always seems unhappy.

Moonstar 88

The new vocalist to me is more appealing than Acel but sings exactly like Acel. The blind can almost not tell the difference.

Hemp Republic

We used to play with them a lot and I noticed some changes in the line-up. Can the vocalist please modify her reggae moves a bit? Sorry Bunny.

Nyco Maca

I can’t believe she was that girl in Star in a Million. She looks nothing like pop music. Dylan (host) was right, even girls would fall in love with her when she sings. First time I heard your music, not really for live masa performances but I’m sure I’ll love it in a disc.


Again it’s hard to get the crowd going without live drums and their type of music is for sound-tripping sessions. A very cold and pleasant voice.

Sino Sikat?

As I’ve said before, no one can top this girl in terms of performing. Not even Cherry from Cherry Corn Flakes. She reminds me of Nicolette Bell. Nick (guitars) always thanks us for “the support”. Funny.


Aia seems to get wilder (performance) every time I see them. Tara Let’s sounds like a Fatal Posporos song.

Up Dharma Down

Was waiting for them the whole night because I, unlike you, have not seen them live. They’re cool even without much movement. The vocalist reminded me of Stevie Wonder.


Ryan Hudson? What the? Where’s Basti? I wish Dave Aguirre would just go back to Razorback. Excellent guitar player. Wolf Gemora on the other hand is still doing his drum rolls that reminded me of how we hated him when he got away with a Zildjian sponsorship. Why oh, why? Apparently, he still does?

Radio Active Sago Project

Especially after that Lokomotive performance… Brought the house down. Alcohol!


Went to the comfort room, stayed in the comfort room. I’m only impressed when they play small club gigs.


I can still remember my mom cracking from their jokes at Rockestra. I love that beer song so much and with that medley, they’ve almost exposed how they composed the song. Genious.


Ira with a PRS guitar? Their equipment boxes labelled “Bamboo Tour?” How big is this band already? No drum solo. Boo! Drop the Rage Against The Machine cover (Killing In The Name). Please.

Now with all that out of the way, the equipment sucked. I think it was during Imago’s set that the Fender amplifier started to buzz. Busted tubes or something. Their backup amp was a Hartke. Can’t even bring an all-tube guitar amplifier for an event as big as this? Where are the Marshall’s and the Mesa’s? After that, no guitar would come out of the main speakers. What mobile was this? Also, Mall of Asia’s Music Hall seems to bring the worst acoustic characteristics from a controlled environment and from an open environment. I don’t know but it did not sound good. At least from where we were seated – the VIP area. Yes I’m a VIP. Only because Poch Bermudez – Mr. CEO is my first cousin and we lived under the same roof for about half a year. Free food and it was good. Free drinks and there were plenty. Good hosts. Dylan from NU107 and John Joe who was not really that cool in high school (my classmate). Loads of sponsors. Congratulations to Burn and the Burn team.

Burn Magazine Launch

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. But here are the photos from H.I.P.’s site.