Havaianas not so much

Enter Havanas

The Philippines’ answer to an overpriced, over-hyped trend that is nothing more than your average tsinelas. At only Php 60 a pair, 1/6th the price of real Havaianas, Havanas are made to look exactly like Havaianas. The logo written in the same font, the flags, the color combinations. You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve already fooled with this. Add that to my rich-kid-looking feet and who would believe I’d wear nothing but the originals. Plus, after letting them into the secret, conversations would always end with laughter. Can your Havaianas make people laugh?


The new server – Dual Xeon Dempsey 3.0

I guess upgrading is inevitable in this business. For some time now my old Pentium IV 3.0 has been having problems keeping up with site traffic. My CPU load (in WHM) has been shooting up to 30! Although that old server was also under high DDOS attacks, we were able to minimize the attacks by some scripts and by installing APF and BFD. However, it still could not keep up.

Enter the new server

Dual Processor, Xeon Dempsey 5050 (with Hyper-Threading) 3.0GHz (4 x 2MB cache) with 2 GB FB-DIMM Ram and 2 x 250GB SATA II Drives. This in theory mimics 8 processors.

Already I’m seeing an increase in speed (site loading) and a decrease in CPU usage. But I’m also already thinking I made a mistake by not getting 2 separate lower spec’d servers. Why? I do not know. Why I did not get an AMD? I do not know. But still, this thing is adequate enough. I hope it can keep up much longer since server costs are killing me.

My take on Sky Cable’s ZPDee

I love it. Used to be a Destiny user, have also tried PLDT myDSL (both at home & office), SMART WiFi, and who could forget Sky Internet (Dial-Up, now that sucked at service and speed big time!)

But I’m sticking with ZPDee for now at least. We first switched to ZPDee from Destiny because at that time, Destiny was also providing our cable TV. But then they got wise and removed all the wonderful channels like STAR World, ESPN, etc., we decided to switch to Sky Cable and hence to avail of the discount for TV and Cable internet, we switched ISP’s as well. Not that Destiny’s cable internet was one to deserve my praise, I was surprised at how better ZPDee’s service was. And for them to match the downtrend of their competitors prices was a big plus for me. Now at an affordable Php 999 per month (384 kbps, their cheapest is Php 690 for 64 kbps), plus the 15% we get from being a Sky Cable subscriber, I would say their service and uptime is worth it. Our total downtime for 3 years is only around 6 days, 4 of which happened during my father’s death. Now who’s to say that was not my father taking away all possible distractions from us mourning him? I think so. Other than that, other downtimes are minimal would only last hours at a time.

AVG Anti-Virus is still free!

During the last update, I seem to have been under the impression that my AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition will expire in January 2007. After updating, a pop-up will appear saying that your AVG 7.1 edition will expire on January 2007 and it is versed (very well) in such a way that users will think that AVG is ending their free service (which usually happens when a software company has accumulated loads of followers) for life. At least that’s what I, a couple of colleagues, and apparently some international forumers as well (Googled) thought. Following the link from the pop-up will also land you in a very confusing page that was not really meant for us free users.

It’s still free.

What we only need to know is that version 7.1 will cease to be free in January 2007 but the latest version (7.5) will still be free. All one needs to do is to upgrade to 7.5.

To upgrade to 7.5:

1. Go to http://free.grisoft.com/.
2. Click on Downloads.
3. Go to Installation files & documentation.
4. Download the appropriate file and look for Update of AVG 7.1 to 7.5 (Additional instructions there)

Balik blogging!

Hello World! I’m back to blogging. I’ll give this one more try. See, according to my old blog, which used Movable Type, I started blogging in July 24, 2005. I think my last post was in July 25, 2005. Now, I’m going to try to update this POS blog everyday… Why? Because I can earn from this! A bunch’a Noyps out there are blogging for a living. I want a piece of the pie… You know why I wasn’t able to continue my old blog? Because I’m an O.C. SOB who can only look at and update a site if the design feels right. If IT feels right to me. And believe me, what looks good to my eyes is not even pretty to most of you. It’s a sickness. I might have already been Big-Bucks-Mark-Verzo if I prioritized form over function. But NO! SOB!!! Check out that www.plentyoffish.com dude who earns about $300,000 a month from Ad Sense. The stupid site’s design is FUGLY! F that SOB! Oh, by the way, I’m Mark Verzo, I’m pogi, I’m always single but never lonely, I make and maintain sites for a living and I love Mini-Trucks! So join me in this journey… Because most of the time I will put a lot of sense into this blog. I need visitors to earn from the G’damn ads!

P.S. I’m now using Word Press (Obviously).

P.P.S. And I will NOT modify this F’N default theme!!!